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Why Team Liquid's TaeJa is stepping away from StarCraft II
May 17, 2021, 6:15:00 AM

Why Team Liquid's TaeJa is stepping away from StarCraft II

Team Liquid’s Yun ‘TaeJa’ Young Seo steps away from StarCraft II for the second and final time. He retires as one of the game’s legendary stars. He’s among the best South Korean players given that SC is filled with elite Korean talents.

When it comes to SCII, some players tend to play long careers. You can take a look at the majority of the Korean scene and see veterans all around. There are even some instances of players resuming their careers after their military service. 

This is what happened with TaeJa back in the day as he also had to step away for two years from 2016 to 2018. He stepped back into the scene as a member of the Liquid roster. He did not perform at the same level but fans can still tell that this team was one of the best players in his day as he had solid fundamentals.

Liquid co-founder Victor ‘Nazgul’ Goossens talked about TaeJa’s impact on the org to the point that he called him the most successful TL player ever. 

‘For me personally, this is a goodbye to the most successful player Liquid has ever had’, Nazgul said. ‘We picked him up before he had ever even advanced a single round in Code S, and he ended up winning the most number of premier tournaments (11) in SC2 history. He did it with a style of play that was unique and beautiful to watch, and when you counted him out he always came back’.

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Living up to his name

Most people tend to overlook the meaning of TaeJa’s name. It means ‘heir apparent’ in Korean which is perfect especially early in his career. Of course, StarCraft esports is defined by the success of legendary players like Jung ‘Mvp’ Jong Hyun and Lee ‘Life’ Seung Hyun.

TaeJa was the player to inherit the throne. He was a successful player in his career but he never truly reached the heights that the stars of the past achieved. However, TaeJa is still a legend of the game given that he worked very hard to keep his spot in the top tier of the game. 

He was well known to be a master in DreamHack events as he won four titles. He was also the first player to win three HomeStory Cup titles only to be followed by Finnish star Joona ‘Serral’ Sotala. 

TaeJa is a player who should be watched by young people who want to have a foundation in StarCraft. Having this kind of knowledge is valuable and watching a Terran player like TaeJa will be the key to wins in hard games.

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TaeJa was synonymous with Liquid

Some people tend to forget that StarCraft is one of Liquid’s best players across many esports. You can say that TL’s teams in Counter-Strike and Dota 2 have rich legacies but the number of stars in SC takes them over the edge. 

Nazgul was surprised when they managed to sign TaeJa. 

‘When TaeJa joined Liquid in March of 2012, Liquid fans couldn’t believe their luck’, Nazgul said. ‘The seventeen-year-old Terran player hadn’t achieved much major tournament success during his initial time on SlayerS, but his monstrous talent had been clear to see in a variety of smaller events’.

TaeJa retires as one of the best players and will always be remembered for his stint with Liquid and its lauded StarCraft division.

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Words: Cholo Martin

Image: PA