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Why Terran is simply the best race in SC2
Aug 16, 2021, 3:54:00 AM

Why Terran is simply the best race in SC2

There are three races to play in StarCraft 2, but there is nothing better than the human element that all players can relate to. The Terran is the best race there is in SC2 and there are so many reasons why players love to use this race in many games.

The Terran race is always the first faction that players will get to use in their StarCraft run. For everyone that has played the game, every single player knows how to use this faction. The race is the core of the story, and the other two factions, Protoss and Zerg, are all the next ones in line.

For starters, the Terran race is the easiest faction to use in SC2. Aside from being humans, the faction does not have a complicated manner in terms of buildings and training units. They have a proper flow of using those troops into battle and most of these are flexible as well.

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Strong army build

While the Zerg and Protoss offer a lot of units that can deal so much damage, the Terran race has a mix up of its own to counter the rest of its rivals. For starters, the main unit for the Terran race is the Marine, which are ranged ones that can hit their counterparts from afar. Both the Zealot and Zergling need to be close to attack, allowing the Marine to pick them off first.

When it comes to the heavies, Thor proved to be the best among all of its class - as the Ultralisk moves slower than its Terran counterpart. The Protoss’ Colossus is also too fragile to face off the other two. Thor, on the other hand, has a long-range attack and its base damage can take out pockets of units in one blow.

There is a bit of debate on whether the Terran race or Protoss rules the skies. This one is quite easy. The Terran race has the biggest win on this one with its Battlecruisers. While the Protoss’ Mothership can own the battlefield, it can only be trained one at a time. The Battlecruisers have no limit, making them the alpha of the skies.

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Notable Terran users

There are a lot of Terran stars in today’s SC2 scene and one can say that they have set the bar for other players who hope to join the hype as well.

Lee ‘INnoVation’ Shin-hyung is known as one of the best Terran players in the world. He is noted for his tactics in using the Thor rush. He is one of the Terran players to also come up with a Viking-Diamondback combo in the game as well.

Byun ‘ByuN’ Hyun-woo is another Terran star praised for his rush tactics without the use of Thor. He is known for his fast builds, being able to come up with a vast army of air units before the late game.

Jeon ‘TY’ Tae-yang is also noted as a great Terran star known for his fast plays with the Hellbats and Marines. He may not be the best in rush games, but he knows how to outplay others in a long game.

Other than that, the Terran race offers the best storyline of them all. With Jim Reynor being the main character of the story along with Sarah Kerrigan, it is quite hard to miss what the Terran race can do at this point. Every part of the race is explored in all SC campaigns.

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Words: Paul Daniel Flores

Image: PA