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Why there is still room for strategy games to shine today
Jun 9, 2021, 4:05:00 AM

Why there is still room for strategy games to shine today

Most people tend to overlook strategy games since there is a stereotype that it’s too boring. However, there is still room for strategy games in the modern era. StarCraft is not the only strategy game that has grown over the years.

While the PC is the best platform for strategy games, you can expect there are other games on other platforms that have proved this genre is still good. Yes, strategy games have taken a dip in favour of the popularity of the first-person shooter genre in the modern era. 

StarCraft, Age of Empires, Warcraft and many more titles have proven the genre works. There is a popular opinion that these games are boring but those are only a vocal minority. These games have a niche and it’s not a surprise that they remain relatively popular. The only problem is that the games are scarce now.

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The genre needs more games

There are only a few titles people can talk about when it comes to strategy games. However, those big titles are enough to convince people to at least try the genre out. Games like XCOM and Civilization have taken a modern spin to the genre and it has turned out well. 

This kind of success should serve as a foundation for future games in the genre. Even if SC is the landmark title of the genre, Blizzard has to do something to freshen up the game to pull in more new players. Relying on a player base is good but that should not be the only people to whom they market. 

With games like Civ making the move to consoles, you can expect more people will be interested in the genre. Of course, there is also the connection between strategy games and the popular role-playing game genre. If they can find the right mix between the two, you can have a strategy game take charge and become a mainstream genre again. 

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StarCraft should be the centrepiece

With no third StarCraft game set, there is a big hole in the strategy game genre. Of course, it is easy to say that there are so many games out there made by smaller developers. However, that can’t be the only factor that strategy games should bank on because pushing Blizzard to make another game is what’s best for the genre. 

A third SC game is a decade in the making and since it’s the top of its genre, you can expect it will be a trendsetter for the rest of the gaming scene. If they can release a game that mostly revolves around strategies and controlling units, devs will love its growth. 

The market for strategy games is still unexplored. If gamers can experience how much fun a game from this genre is, you can expect people will be better at playing this genre in the future. 

If the genre can use SC as its centrepiece, you can expect it will grow again. Consoles should also be integrated into the plans because SC has a good hold in the PC market but consoles have largely gone unexplored. It will be fun to see Blizzard make games for the consoles. There is still room for strategy games in the modern era and people should realize that.

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Words: Cholo Martin

Image: PA