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Aussie star Milly Tapper wants gold at the Tokyo Paralympics
Apr 14, 2021, 5:00:00 AM

Aussie star Milly Tapper wants gold at the Tokyo Paralympics

Milly Tapper is a prolific table tennis star as she is ranked number three in the world. She wants to win a gold medal in the Tokyo Games in 2021. She is known for being successful in her achievements with medals at the Commonwealth Games and the World Championships.

It was Tapper’s childhood dream to win medals on the biggest stage. In the past, she was playing against able-bodied competition but since she has a disability, she moved to para table tennis. She has been excellent since her move as she has an advantage with her experience playing stronger players.

You have to remember that Tapper was once a six-time champion in the youth ranks in Australia. She has a disability with nerve damage in her right arm but she never let that stop her. That is why she still competes at a high level in every game as she believes that she can do anything to win.

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The importance of winning

Tapper considers winning medals as her goal when playing table tennis. Of course, she loves playing the sport but having some silverware to her name just sweetens the deal. This will be her third Paralympics appearing back in 2012 and 2016 when she played in both the para and Olympic Games. 

She is a goal-oriented athlete which is why she works hard for everything that she wants to achieve. 

Tapper said, ‘I find it quite fun to set myself goals and it's always nice if you do get to check them off. The last one I really want to check off is a medal at the Paralympic Games … we've been working very hard. That came as a childhood dream, to try and compete in table tennis for Australia’.

It will be tough for her to lose the motivation to compete as she is confident in her chances. Since she is ranked number three, you can expect that she has the star power to win the event. Tapper is seeking her first medal but there is a big chance that she will go for the gold when the event reaches its climax.

The focus on Tokyo

With the Tokyo Games coming up, Tapper is locked in. She will be a must-watch prospect in the event as she is one of the favourites. However, she does not want to get caught up in that status as she wants to focus on herself and the games that she has to play. 

Tapper said, ‘I've done everything, given the circumstances as well over the last year, to put myself in the best position to win a medal… I've absolutely loved in particular the last two years of training and preparation’.

It will be interesting to see how Tapper performs at the highest level as she seeks her first Paralympic medal.

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Words: Cholo Martin

Image: PA