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Betting on table tennis games
Apr 27, 2021, 6:00:00 AM

Betting on table tennis games

Table tennis has become a global sport over the past few years. The sport has reached many countries hence its prominence. Betting has also reached its peak in table tennis, and it is safe to say that it is a trend for many punters all over the world.

Some say that table tennis is just another regular sport, but when it proved to be great for many players, it was a huge twist. Table tennis is now seen as a big game played by players from all continents. 

Of course, there are certain countries that are seen as the powers of the sport. The likes of India, China, Japan, Germany, and Poland among other countries prove that the sport is easy to learn for many people who are keen to do so.

Table tennis is an easy sport for many, needing only a table with a net and a paddle for each player. Being able to play it indoors has allowed it to thrive in the middle of the pandemic, but of course tourneys had to be stopped due to health reasons.

When the sport made a huge return in the middle of 2020, the games have been better than ever. Intense matches were played, and there are a lot of people who think that it offers the same level of excitement that tennis and other sports do.

This is the main reason why table tennis betting became a big hit among many punters. The sport continues to grow, and so does the betting side as well.

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How do you bet on table tennis?

Betting on table tennis is just almost the same as tennis. There are way too many options when it comes to placing wagers on players who they think can win the game or have a better chance of pulling off some certain scores.

Research is a huge part of betting in the sport. Of course, it is easy to place wagers on a player that punters know well. They have to know which player can get the chance to score big hits right away, and which player has a chance to fall down in a tourney.

With the Tokyo Games coming in hot, it is easy to expect that there will be a lot of matches in the next few months. This means more chances to bet on table tennis games, and that is why learning how table tennis betting works is a must.

Betting on table tennis games means that punters must also take note of certain betting markets. There are some bets that can be placed on unique ones such as money lines, over/under and many more.

The more betting markets there are, the better chances of winning for all punters. After all, it is easy to say that table tennis is a growing sport that could soon rival tennis or even other huge sports.

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What does 22.5 mean in tennis?

There are many numbers used in table tennis betting, especially when it comes to the over and under odds. The 22.5 mark is just one of many options for bettors to choose from. This is to mark that the punter can wager on a match to end either with more or less than 22.5 goals being scored. 

This is a common number among table tennis games since it is very easy to return services and volleys compared to actual tennis. It is easy to come up with an idea on how many goals would be scored in the game since there are players who have different play styles in a game.

Punters can pick a number and set the mark of how many return services they can see in games. This is a common market as well, which makes it so important for many bettors in the long run.

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How do tennis betting lines work?

There is not much of a difference when it comes to betting lines between tennis and table tennis. It almost works the same way, which makes it so easy even for new punters to come up with an idea on the best bet they can make.

Betting the spread in table tennis games means placing wagers on the game line. Punters are just wagering on a player to play well as he should or even better. This acts like a handicap to even the odds. 

Most spread bets pay close to the even money. The only goal here is that the favourite must win by the number of games he is laying on the spread. The underdog, on the other hand, can win less games but has to be less than the number of games for the bet to work.

Betting on the set line is a little bit tricky. There are many matches that are played in the best of five sets. In that case, most punters have to pay attention to what the set line is while also looking at the number of sets to be played.

It is common to see a favourite win in straight sets, while other matches in a single tourney can get a set line of around 1.5 or even higher. 

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Is table tennis a popular sport?

The mere fact that table tennis is present among huge tourneys such as the Olympic Games proves that the sport is indeed popular. While it may still lurk under the shadows of tennis, it might not take long for table tennis to take its rightful place among other sports.

After all, being played by players from different countries is already a huge win. That means it is at the same level as cricket, golf, F1 racing, and many other sports that have international players.

This is why it is easy to say that table tennis is indeed popular. One can say that there is more to expect when it comes to table tennis games as it continues to be a huge favourite among many punters.

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Words: Paul Daniel Flores

Image: PA