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O’Rahilly Egan opens up on her table tennis run
May 21, 2021, 5:30:00 AM

O’Rahilly Egan opens up on her table tennis run

Mia O’Rahilly Egan is one of the notable figures in table tennis for Ireland. As both player and coach, the star has proven to be one of the best players that have ever been involved with the sport. She keeps on bringing pride and success to Ireland in the past few years as well.

The Irish star has already struck the eyes of many players all over the world. Her success as one of the youngest stars in the sport proved that she has a bright future ahead of her, and this means a lot for Ireland in the long run.

Mia got first involved in the sport at the age of eight when he and his brother played for a club in their school. Her parents thought it was a good idea to come along one night and let her play. She went on to love it instantly and that was the start of a new chapter for her.

Her brother is very sporty and seeing him play probably inspired Mia to play the sport as well. Another key person who brought out the best in her was her coach and it allowed her to play better while also falling deeper in love with the game as well.

Mia’s success in the game was really a huge win for Ireland. There are a lot of Irish stars at a very young age. The range is at the age of nine all the way past the fifties. Mia is lucky enough to earn her mark at the top level more quickly than other players in the game.

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‘I have represented Ireland at European Youth Championships and the Senior World Championships in Düsseldorf in 2017’, Mia said. ‘I have also played at Primary Schools Six Nations and Senior Schools International Six Nations events and won gold medals respectively. My most recent achievement before the lockdown was winning the gold medal in the Malta Invitational u18’s team event’.

Mia’s favourite part of the sport is being able to represent the country at the highest level. She says that being able to coach younger players is also a huge task that she will always love to do. Mia is delighted to give back to the sport and to all of the people who helped her find her way into the sport.

Her dedication is really at a bigger level as well. As Mia says, table tennis is a diverse sport with a lot of players of various ages, gender, sexuality and race. This is a game without any unseen borders too.

The sport binds many people into one single avenue to come together as one. She loves the way that table tennis brings change to many people, and that is probably the main reason why she still keeps on playing the game when she could do more than just that.

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Words: Paul Daniel Flores

Image: PA