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South Korea set to host 2024 WTTC
Nov 29, 2021, 4:27:00 AM

South Korea set to host 2024 WTTC

As the World Table Tennis Championships wraps up its final matches, South Korea announced that they will be the next hosts for the WTTC. This means that the nation will now cater the big games that the tourney brings to most fans of the sport in 2024.

Back then, Busan became an iconic city in South Korea thanks to the big hit zombie film ‘Train to Busan’. Now the city will be a busy place to visit in three years’ time as the WTTC will be held there. This is a huge break for SoKor as it is a chance to show that they can be a home for the sport.

On top of that, this will boost the tourism and popularity of table tennis at the same time. That means a lot for the nation as they grow to become a utopia for the sport. That says a lot about the way they want to improve the sport at home.

The International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) made the big call to give SoKor the honours for the 2024 WTTC. Houston staged the world championships with individual events - from singles, doubles all the way to mixed doubles. This is a new approach to the games as the WTTC mostly featured men’s and women’s events back then. This was the first time that the mixed doubles was added to the fray.

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Busan was set to host the team championships in 2020, but the event had to be postponed more than once as it was cancelled due to the pandemic. Last May, Busan launched another bid for the 2024 event and won the voting against Buenos Aires at 97-46.

The 2024 World Table Tennis Championships is set to run from May 24 to June 2. There are an estimated 2,000 athletes and officials from about 100 nations that will join in the tournament. All categories will be available as well.

This is a chance for South Korea to show the rest of the world that they can also host a big event like this. There is more to expect from the host nation as they also look to use their home advantage to snatch medals in the contest when the time comes.

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Words: Paul Daniel Flores

Image: PA