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Why Chen Meng is the best female player in the world
May 14, 2021, 5:44:00 AM

Why Chen Meng is the best female player in the world

When it comes to table tennis, some people tend to overlook women. It is one of the most compelling divisions in sports and Chen Meng is its superstar. At just 27 years of age, she has held the top spot for a long while now and it seems that it will continue for a long time. 

Despite being known as the best player in the world, some people tend to think that Chen is falling off. She continues to be a star who proves her doubters wrong. When it comes to her playstyle, there are only a few players in the world who are on the same level as Chen. 

Of course, some people will point out that the likes of Mima Ito and other young talents can exceed Chen in the future. However, they should recognize that Chen is still the best and it seems that she will keep being the best player as long as she remains healthy. Her skill level is undeniable to the point that some players are even scared of facing her. 

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Dominance doesn’t come easy

Chen is one of the most talented table tennis players ever but she doesn’t solely rely on her skill. She has worked hard for everything that she has achieved in her career as she’s known for her solid training sessions. That is a sign of a great player given that they were blessed with natural ability. However, they keep working hard like a star-level player.

People tend to forget about Chen as she continues being the best player in her division. Hopefully, more people will realize that they’re blessed with the chance of watching an all-time great in her. 

She has been consistently dominant but she has also remained humble. That is rare for such a special talent but it’s pleasant to see such a humble player given that her ability is out of this world compared to other athletes. 

Who are the main threats to Chen’s throne?

Chen's status in the table tennis scene is undeniable but other players can contend to make a case. Chinese Table Tennis Association (CTTA) president Liu Guoliang talked about how important the female division is to their system. 

‘China also has a younger generation of players coming through’, he said. ‘All the young paddlers now play in a super aggressive way, and this is the future trend of the sport… Mima Ito has maintained her innovative style. She's very close to our elite players, so such rivalries will stimulate all Chinese players’.

It’s interesting to see the love for Ito from Chinese fans but it’s pretty easy to see parallels between her and Chen. It will be a fun matchup as well given that these two players are the current best in their sport.

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Words: Cholo Martin

Image: PA