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Zimbabwe’s Open Table Tennis returns
Nov 15, 2021, 4:53:00 AM

Zimbabwe’s Open Table Tennis returns

Zimbabwe’s Open Table Tennis tournament makes its return to the big stage as the games begin to get a lot of hype in the 2021 run. The sport is starting to make huge progress in the country to ensure that it will thrive in the long run.

As far as table tennis games go, there are a lot of countries that are yet to embrace the sport. Zimbabwe’s move to put the OTT back into the fold makes it clear that there is still more to expect from the sport as it grows bigger.

The tourney is open to all players and there are many categories as well. This includes the Under-10, Under-12, Under-19 and the Open for both men and women. The Zimbabwe Table Tennis Union said they are pleased to host a big national event after two years of inaction.

This means that the sport is making a huge comeback once more. Fans can even expect the nation to add more to their roster for the coming World Table Tennis Championships in Houston. For ZTTU secretary-general Tinashe Duri, the return of the OTT means that players can expect consistent games not just in 2021 but also in the next few years.

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‘We are expecting a huge turnout’, Duri said. ‘Participants shall not, by any manner whatsoever, infringe the principle of fair play, show unsporting conduct, or attempt to influence the course of a competition or any part thereof in a manner contrary to sporting ethics’.

All players will need vaccine cards, face masks and regular temperature checks as well. There will be a huge shift when it comes to their safety and security as this is what the ZTTU promised in its meetings.

Since table tennis makes its return in Zimbabwe, it is also expected to push other close countries to do the same. Who knows, maybe this move by the ZTTU will inspire a lot of players who have thought of moving on from the game after it went awry for their careers in that two-year break.

This spells a bright future for table tennis in the nation. They might even make it in time to get a lot of star players ready to roll for the Paris Games in 2024.

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Words: Paul Daniel Flores

Image: PA