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Alcaraz beats Korda for Milan title
Nov 17, 2021, 5:27:00 AM

Alcaraz beats Korda for Milan title

Carlos Alcaraz has capped off his run at Milan in the NextGen ATP Finals with a huge win against Sebastian Korda. The Spaniard’s big run in the 2021 ATP Tour has been a thrill to watch, and he showed the whole world why he is the next big talent to watch.

Carlos closed out his huge 2021 run in style after beating Korda in three sets to win the NextGen title in Milan, 4-3 (5), 4-2 and 4-2. He was hot from the start and controlled the whole pace of the game as he crushed Korda’s hopes of winning the title.

At the age of 18, Carlos is the first Spanish star to win at the 21 and under event. He is also the youngest to earn a total of 32 tour level wins in a year since Andrei Medvedev did in 1992 at 32-11. This win at the NextGen finals puts Korda as one of the top stars in the game so far.

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‘It is amazing’. Alcaraz said. ‘To be able to win this tournament means a lot to me. I am so excited right now and emotional. I was very, very nervous at the start. I had to be calm to save the break points. I know Korda is serving very well, so I had to play my best in those moments’.

Carlos started out the year at no. 141 in the ATP Rankings and soared all the way to no. 32 to end the 2021 ATP Tour. He was coached by Juan Carlos Ferrero and the results were far from what was expected from him.

This is a standout season for Carlos, and perhaps beating world no. 3 Stefanos Tsitsipas in the US Open would be his biggest feat if he hadn’t won the NextGen title. He also went to the semis in Marbella, Winston-Salem, and Vienna. All of the games he played led to this turning point in the Finals, and he used his experience to outwit Korda in the end.

This win gives Carlos a better look in the coming years in his career. He has been a special force this season and his success only proves that there is more to expect from a star like him.

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Words: Paul Daniel Flores

Image: PA