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Ash Barty was bothered by criticisms of her number one ranking
Nov 30, 2021, 3:54:00 AM

Ash Barty was bothered by criticisms of her number one ranking

In 2021, Ashleigh Barty maintained her tight grip on the number one spot in the WTA Tour rankings. Amidst the criticism, Ash was bothered with what she heard. She was receiving comments about not seeing her as the rightful number one player in the Tour.

When COVID-19 hit, Ash already held the top spot in the WTA Tour. She managed to keep her spot atop the perch through that tough time. 2021 was a different story because Ash was once again the top player in the Tour.

She won five titles including her second Grand Slam at Wimbledon. With those accolades, Ash managed to finish the season as the number player for the third time in his career.

Now, she ends 2021 as a happier person because not only has she secured the top spot but she also got engaged to her significant other. Despite this happiness, Ash was still bothered by what was circulating on social media.

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Ash knows she deserved the top spot

After such a challenging campaign, Ash knows that she was an awesome player this season and she deserves the rankings. She spent so much time travelling but she still kept winning events. The Wimbledon win was a massive accolade because she was rattled earlier in the year.

She said, ‘Holding the No 1 ranking again to finish 2021 is something I am incredibly proud of after such a challenging and unusual season. To have spent so much time on the road, to have asked the people I love and admire to support me and make sacrifices, and for us to prevail is an achievement to celebrate’.

It was a great year for Ash as she continued to dominate the scene. While some players like Emma Raducanu and Anett Kontaveit had strong years, it is hard to remove Ash from the top spot. She only played a portion of the events in 2021 but when he did play, she was dominant. Ash had some slow performances but she managed to bounce back strong.

Ash wanted to make a statement to prove the doubters wrong

Ash wanted to prove her doubters wrong when playing in the events this season. Naomi Osaka was a constant rival but they left some events to the others because they rested.

Ash said, ‘When we arrived in Miami in late March, I felt people were questioning whether I was the rightful No 1 given Naomi Osaka had won a couple of Grand Slams in succession. It was probably the first time I felt a little rattled and I really wanted to make a statement on the court’.

The past two years have been great for Ash and some tennis fans have not appreciated her efforts. She is the best tennis player in the world right now and it will be difficult to remove her from the ranking.

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Words: Cholo Martin

Image: PA