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Berrettini is devastated after failing to finish his ATP Finals match
Nov 16, 2021, 5:08:00 AM

Berrettini is devastated after failing to finish his ATP Finals match

On the opening night of the ATP Finals, Alexander Zverev managed to win after Matteo Berrettini was forced to retire due to an abdominal injury. The Italian was devastated after he retired since it was still a close match before he had to exit the court.

It was a rollercoaster opening match but in a cruel twist of fate, Berrettini had to step away. The Italian already had problems in his abdomen before and it flared up in his match against Zverev. It was an abrupt ending especially since the Italian was playing well against a world-class player.

He tried to fight through the injury but during a medical timeout, he was forced to call the game off. It was a sad moment for both players since they were having fun on the court playing against each other.

Zverev said, ‘I don’t really know what to say because this is the worst feeling a player can have. I mean, you play all year long to qualify for this beautiful tournament and for Matteo playing at home this is the worst feeling I think he will ever have in his career’.

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Zverev was saddened about the result even if he got the win. It felt like a tainted victory since he knew that Berrettini had a chance to take the win as well. It is a bitter pill to swallow especially in front of a home crowd in Turin, Italy.

The injury will send some alarm bells to his team because it has flared up again. The 25-year-old’s future is unsure because a timetable has not been set just yet.

He said, ‘The thought of not finishing the match, that I wasn’t able to finish the match is killing me. I really hope it’s nothing bad, but today I couldn’t play, I couldn’t finish it (the match) and I really wanted to. I really wanted to enjoy every second, that’s what we said at the beginning with my team and the worst thing that could happen, happened’.

It will be interesting to know what happens next for the Italian because he’s ready to play again as long as he’s healthy to do so.

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Words: Cholo Martin

Image: PA