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Cervara talks about Medvedev’s grit
Jun 8, 2021, 3:15:00 AM

Cervara talks about Medvedev’s grit

Daniil Medvedev is one of the best Russian players in the ATP Tour. Often hailed as a role model for many other rising stars in the country, coach Gilles Cervara explains why the Russian star keeps playing hard despite having unsuccessful runs in the past.

For one, Medvedev has not won any game in the French Open prior to this year’s edition. So far, he has made a huge boost in his games by making it to the first round of the tourney. That is a huge feat in the clay court for Medvedev. 

Cervara says this is a great feeling for the Russian star, who has added one more to his winning track. Medvedev has often joked about his past in the clay, and now he is into the last eight while just losing one set in that span.

Medvedev has also pushed his way closer into the top spot of the ATP Rankings. He can even get to that spot by winning the title this year or even just making the final without world no. 1 Novak Djokovic getting into the final match.

So far, it has been a huge run for Medvedev, and Cervara knows how much the star has grown over the years. He even takes note of how many rumours have tried to take Daniil’s grit in the clay just because he was winless before.

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‘For me, I try not to listen too much about this’, Cervara said. ‘When you are a coach, in the past weeks he started to talk about the clay, that he doesn’t like the clay. As a coach, you cannot trust this. You cannot listen to this, you cannot stop on this’.

‘That’s my feeling, that’s my opinion. We will fight to get into the semis now. It’s your job. Of course, you are able to win and play on clay courts’, he continued.

On the first day they arrived in Paris, the coach was almost sure it would be a huge tourney as he said in the press. He was very pleased to see Medvedev play better than before.

Cervara also claimed the early runs were better than ever, and the first match was a great look at how Medvedev would behave on the court. That is good proof of him being in good shape with a winning mindset.

‘I would say every day on court in practice, the four days we practised here’, Cervara said. ‘He won every set he played against his opponents and when he was in trouble, he didn’t say any words’.

Medvedev has what it takes to win big in the coming French Open, and the Russian star would not want to miss his chance this time. After all, he has a shot at getting to the top of the ATP Rankings, so every match counts for Medvedev this time.

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Words: Paul Daniel Flores

Image: PA