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Federer talks about why he wanted to break Sampras' record
Jun 21, 2021, 4:30:00 AM

Federer talks about why he wanted to break Sampras' record

Roger Federer is back and his goal remains the same. He wants to add to his dazzling Grand Slam résumé because he knows the importance of the events due to Pete Sampas’ previous record. With Wimbledon on the horizon, Fed wants to regain his star status of the ATP Tour.

While Fed lost in the Halle Open semifinals against youngster Felix Auger Aliassime, he looked much better than before. He looked fresh and the injury didn’t bother him as much as previous events. It is a promising sight to see Fed playing so well since Wimbledon is coming up and that event is where he usually plays at his best level. 

It will be a hard event to win since the rest of the Tour will be out to prove themselves too. Fed was not in the Tour for a good year due to his injury and COVID-19 but he knows he has the skills to keep up. Age is just a number to Fed because he believes in himself and his tennis ability that has helped a record 20 Grand Slams singles titles.

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Since Novak Djokovic won the French Open, the field is ready for another member of the Big Three to return to the top tier of tennis. Rafa withdrew from Wimbledon which means Fed has the chance to redeem himself and break the tie between him and Nadal for most Grand Slam trophies. 

Fed talked about the value of Grand Slams in the ATP Tour. He said, ‘It seems it's all about Grand Slam titles nowadays and I don't like that. When I came on the tour, it wasn't just about the Slams. It was Pete Sampras who triggered this and suddenly said that now only the Slams would be of interest to him… I just wanted to break Sampras' record, everything else was a bonus. As long as we (three) play everything is possible, in the end, the accounting will be done’.

Wimbledon will be an exciting event for everyone in both the ATP and WTA Tour. Both scenes have new rising stars who want to break the dominance that their stars like Novak, Rafa, Fed, and Ashleigh Barty at the top tier.

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Words: Cholo Martin

Image: PA