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Betting Guide to the French Open 2022
Feb 22, 2022, 4:59:00 AM

Betting Guide to the French Open 2022

The French Open is one of the biggest events in the professional tennis scene. Both the WTA and ATP Tours regard it as a crucial point in their schedules. It holds a lot of value with its Slam status and it’s a huge reason why it’s a big event in the betting markets as well.

With loads of choices in the betting markets, there are multiple events that you can make wagers on. The French Open is one of the biggest clay-court events in the world and that has been proven by the quality of games that fans see at the event year after year.

If you are new to betting on tennis matches and need some practice in that area, the French Open is a great starting point. We will provide useful tips and tricks to help you get started with the available French Open predictions here.

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Be familiar with the players

With many talented players at the French Open, you might ask how do you place bets on the right choices? A good French Open betting guide will advise you to focus on learning player names and their playing style.

Watch out for the players’ skill sets and learn more about the dynamics of the sport because that can change depending on the players’ momentum. This can affect your bets. It’s important to take a look at each of the participating players.

Imagine a matchup between an aggressive attacker with a conservative baseline player. You should know their playstyles so you can adjust your bets without having to look into the French Open betting lines.

Always watch out for surprise players

Tennis is always filled with surprises, that’s why you should learn how to bet on French Open matches. Just in 2021, most people couldn’t predict what happened in the WTA Tour side of the US Open. Most people had the likes of Naomi Osaka or Karolína Plíšková taking the crown but the tournament final became the duel of the teenagers between Leylah Fernandez and Emma Raducanu. The latter took home the trophy but the two youngsters proved that they are the future of the WTA Tour and surprises can happen anytime. 

This can happen in the ATP Tour as well which is why you need to look at recent results or stay updated with the rumblings in the tier below the top level of tennis. The likes of Emma and Leylah are rare but they pop up in big events. If you are aware of that, you should always be aware of the players that might pull off the upset wins.

These surprise players can turn into favourites in due time because that’s what happened with Naomi back in the day. When lesser-known players pop up, the other players do not have a scouting report on them which can lead to surprise upsets. People knew that Naomi was talented but when she managed to beat Serena Williams, they recognised her as a star player.

Favourites will always be huge factors

While you look out for the surprise players in the tournaments, you should also look at the favourites. They are favourites because they have a record of playing at the highest level possible in past tournaments and meets. If you look back at past French Opens, it was hard to bet against a player like Rafael Nadal on the ATP Tour side, especially since clay-court events are his speciality. If you are looking for a favourite that can be the barometer for success, just look back at Rafa’s performances over the years.

This is the same case for the WTA Tour side of the event. While they didn’t have a Rafa-level player during their time in this tournament, you can expect that some dominant players will appear and dictate how other players will perform in the French Open betting favourites list.

Find the best characteristics possible from players

You should also look at the characteristics of these favourites in an event like the French Open because they will set the tone for the rest of the participating players.

Rafa is a good example of this because most players wanted to follow in his footsteps. 2022 will be a different case because there are various players who are looking to cement themselves as the top player in the event. It will be challenging to do so but you should expect nothing less from the top players of the tennis world.

You can look at factors like their serves, counter-attacks, tactics, and many more when you’re scouting players. You need to be proactive with the factors that you observe because the eye-test will matter in your bets. Do not solely focus on using stats as your main tool for your bets because you will struggle if you do not see the matchups and just look at the French Open odds to win.

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Look at recent results

There are a lot of tournaments to consider before you make your bet. The French Open is in the middle of the year which means that people will have results to look back on. Recent form is important for almost every player. If you are making your bets, you should find out more about recent tournaments because they will likely be the reason behind certain players performing well at the French Open.

If you can see the favourites’ recent run at the recent events, you can find out what they can do moving forward. It’s important to recognise that betting will always involve momentum so that you’ll not have problems in making the decision of wagering on them.

When you look at a player’s performance level over their last few events, you can see that their confidence is at an all-time high or their body is looking good at the moment, that should be a good sign for your bet. 

Of course, recent results should not be the only factor that you should look at because there is a concept called recency bias which has solid arguments behind it. If you are taking into account all of the recent results, you might have trouble looking back six months before the tournament which can also be a performance indicator. 

History matters but you should find the right balance between gauging a certain player’s performance when it comes to recent results and their history as a tennis player. If they achieved a lot during their past, you should take that into account because experience matters even if they’re not thriving as of late.

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Events to follow before the French Open

As previously mentioned, the French Open is in the middle of the year which means that there are some events that you should follow to get an idea of players’ performances. Since the French Open is played on clay, there are clay-court events right before May or June when the tournament is usually held. Here are some of the yearly events that always happen prior to the French Open which can be factors for your tennis bets.

Madrid Open

The Madrid Open has been a reliable event for bettors because it gives a good metric for the upcoming French Open. Just like the Slam, this event is played on clay courts which is important because this is a good test for the players right before the biggest event with the same surface. Most top players also play here to either practice or gauge the competition. 

Monte-Carlo Masters

While the Madrid Open is arguably the biggest clay-court event outside of the French Open, the Monte-Carlo Masters deserves to be mentioned because they are typically the first tournament of the year where the surface is used. 

You should watch this event because you will see players still adjusting their playstyle from playing on hard courts just a few weeks before. If you can see the top performers here, you will have a good grasp on some of the early favourites for the French Open even if there is another event that you should look at.

Italian Open

As the last event before the French Open, the Italian Open is probably the most reliable metric when it comes to performance level for the Slam. The players will see this as the final proving ground for themselves heading into the French Open which is why you should expect some players to play above their usual level because they’re out to prove themselves.

At the same time, you should also look out for the players who are coasting because they want to stay healthy for the French Open. They will still play well but they won’t over-exert themselves because they want to compete at the biggest event on clay courts.

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Use the odds to your advantage

Always look at French Open odds to win before making the bet because they can serve as the basis behind your bet. This is not exclusive to tennis because you can also use these points when it comes to betting on your favourite sports like basketball, football, or even esports. 

Most people use it as a basis for their bets but you should always know that there are other tools such as betting odds that you can use to strengthen your bets. Learn how to use both the player odds to win and the betting odds numbers in order to make a more informed decision than just looking at the numbers.

Look at the context behind those numbers to fully maximise them. If you are looking at the French Open betting odds, one player will be favoured over the other most of the time but there is a chance that the underdog can pull off an upset. Always explore the possibility of that happening. 

Know the game better

While this may be a simple way to say a concept that people need to learn, bettors need to know the game better. Tennis is a challenging sport to understand for a fresh fan but it can become easier as you watch more games. You should know at least the basics with the likes of serving, returning, volleys, and many more.

This way, you can succeed with your bets because you will be better off using your tennis knowledge rather than trusting your gut. Always remember that logic is better used in sports betting because that can be a strong reason why you succeed.

If you understand the moves that the players make, you will be better off because you know what they are trying to do. Matchups are important because some players love to use a certain style against specific opponents and that is a concept that is easy to grasp when you know your stuff. 

Read the reports

Since tennis is an individual sport mostly built on endurance and body strength, you should expect that there will be reports about injuries. This is not like team sports where you can expect trades and signings.

However, besides injuries, you should also keep in step with the mindsets of the players moving forward. If a player is showing signs of confidence, you should also look at them as a star at the French Open. Coaching changes are also important too because some players get a new boost when that happens.

Be smart with your bets

At the end of the day, betting comes down to your decision. It will be your prerogative to decide to follow these French Open betting tips. You should always strive to be smart with your bets in order to increase your chances of winning on them. We also recommend you to find the best site where to bet French Open. 

Hopefully, you can do everything in your power to stay in control of your bets. Always double check your bets because the factors might change from time to time. Good luck and have fun!

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