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Strong serve: A betting guide to the 2022 French Open
May 25, 2022, 6:37:00 AM

Strong serve: A betting guide to the 2022 French Open

The French Open is known as one of the most anticipated tournaments in the tennis world. A lot of fans look out for its matches as it delivers intense action and high-volume scoring from known stars. Betting on this tournament is the best way to enjoy this Grand Slam.

It is one of the turning points of the ATP Tour, being one of the most physically demanding tourneys in the world since there are seven rounds to win for a championship.

On top of that, the clay surface does not make it any easier for players. With the clay, the ball has a slower pace at most and has higher bounce than usual. Each of the matches are played on a best of five series, which means longer battles.

The French Open has been a success among all Grand Slams in the ATP. It has brought the best and toughest action from the elite players in the sport. Lots of star players have competed for the big trophy in the tourney, which only says a lot about how the event is hyped during the course of the season.

To thrive with your bets, you should know more about the French Open and how the games are played here.

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Betting markets to try in the French Open

With a lot of betting options, betting on the French Open has never been more rewarding than ever. You can try different markets if you are keen to see bigger results, and this is what makes betting easy on Sportsbet.

Aside from outright and in play tennis betting, there are plenty of other ways to get a win since you always have a chance to try it out on the various matches played in the tournament. It is also wise to consider doing some research before you bet on each matchup to get a better chance at winning.

Here are four other markets that can help you make the French Open best bets work:

  1. Total games

  2. Betting on the number of games that will be played is easy to predict if you know how well the players can make an impact on the big stage. Since the French Open is played in a best of five sets, players need to win three sets to win the match. With that said, a single game alone can take six up to eight games to finish. 

  3. Game handicap

  4. Handicaps are used to level the odds for two players. One is set as the favourite - with a higher chance of winning in the game, while the other is labelled as the underdog, who is more likely to lose but can make upsets at the same time. The handicap is set for either side to have an extra point that will either have the underdog lead the game to begin with.

    Handicaps are seen as a great way to put up a chance for both players to win, and this is mostly used for a player that has a low odds to win French Open matches against a much tougher opponent in a round.

  5. Exact score

  6. Exact score wagers are for those who like to try a challenge in their wagers. Most matches in the tournament are either tight or lopsided, so this means that it really depends on the matchup to begin with. This bet is more focused on the endings per set and how players will bring the thunder in the actual game.

    Betting on the exact score requires you to watch the games closely and see how it works for both players. If the pace is slower than expected, then you might have a tight game in your hands, which means grinding battles.

  7. Prop bets

Prop bets are used to bet on tennis games for the sake of naming some markets that can be won without much hassle. These games are more about getting better outcomes, such as a player winning the first set. French Open tennis betting odds vary a lot when it comes to this market since the results are not consistent.

These markets differ every game, and most of the bets here are easy to win. So if you are looking for a second option when it comes to placing wagers, prop bets may be a good market to try.

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Betting tips to consider in the French Open

The French Open is one of the most rewarding tennis tournaments that you should try. This is why you need to make sure that you make the right call in your wagers so you can enjoy big winnings. The more you know about the tourney, the better your chances of winning big prizes.

Here are some French Open tennis betting tips to consider:

  1. Research is always the number one rule in betting on any sport and tournament. There are no exact guarantees when it comes to French Open matches, so it is always a must to have an idea about how the game works and the players in it.

  2. Knowing more about the game is a great help that can give you an edge over other punters. Read some news articles about your players and visit some tips at a French Open betting site such as Sportsbet.

  3. Past records play a huge role in the odds and how a game may turn out. Wins in the tournament are a good point for consideration and those who have played in the past editions of the French Open have a much better shot at winning than those who are playing in it for the first time.

  4. Each stat matters a lot since it can change the overall result of the game. Players who have experience in the French Open or have won in the tournament once can easily get their way in the tourney since they know how tough it is to win.

  5. Consider matchups since not every game is an even match for two players. A favourite to win in the French Open has a lot of experience and is in the top 10 most of the time, so this says a lot about the standard of a player in the tourney.

  6. These matchups can be lopsided or tight depending on the players in the match, so make sure you know who’s playing before making the right call and going all out in your bets.

  7. Bet on underdogs. All players who qualify for the French Open deserve a chance at winning. This is a big stage for every aspiring tennis star to prove their worth to the rest of the world. There are many upsets in the French Open, and you should be able to see those big twists in the past few years.

Sportsbet French Open odds are usually tight when it comes to the top stars battling in the tourney, so betting on underdogs may be a good option especially when it comes to the later stages of the competition.

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Who has won most French Open titles?

The French Open has been a major part of the ATP Tour since 1891, and there have been 126 editions as of time of writing. The top winners of the French Open have gone to cement their place in the history of the sport, and they have made their legacies even bigger.

From the inaugural years of the ATP Tour all the way to the Open Era, the French Open has served as a tourney to look out for with the best players grinding on the big stage.

Here are the biggest winners of the French Open in the Open Era:

  1. Rafael Nadal

  2. Nadal is known for his success in the French Open and is hailed as the best player both in the tournament itself and clay courts. The Spanish maestro has proved his worth as a strong winner which says a lot about how he has done a great job to show that he can bring his best game at any given time.

    Nadal’s grit and grind tactic made him the winningest player in the Open Era with 13 titles. He is the only player to win the French Open more than ten times in the history of the ATP Tour which makes him one of the favourite in play tennis betting picks for most punters.

  3. Bjorn Borg

  4. The former Swedish world no. 1 is known for his triumph in the French Open with a total of six titles. His golden years were from 1974 to 1981 where he became the first man in the Open Era to win a total of 11 Grand Slam titles. Borg’s success in the French Open was noted for winning four titles in a row and going 6-0 in all finals he has played in.

    The former teenage sensation made his big name in the French Open thanks to his performances. A Borg is the first player to win six titles in the French Open before Nadal joined him in that feat. He was one of the icons when it came to setting the standard for tennis. 

  5. Mats Wilander

  6. Mats Wilander is another Swedish star who made a big name for his career as a world no. 1 from 1982 to 1988, where he won a total of seven Grand Slam titles. At the age of 17, Wilander surprised a lot of tennis fans as he went on to win the 1982 French Open that started his big break.

    Wilander won three of four Grand Slams in the 1988 ATP Tour and finished the run as the world no. 1. He has won a total of three titles in the French Open, which made him one of the biggest names in the contest.

  7. Ivan Lendl

Ivan Lendl is seen as one of the greatest tennis players of all time mostly for his dedication to the sport in terms of winning. Lendl was ranked as the world no. 1 for almost 270 weeks and has won 94 singles titles in his career.

Known as the ‘Father of Modern Tennis’, Lendl led the new style of forehand play in the sport which led him to win three French Open titles. He is the only player to also have a match winning rate of 90% in five different years in his career.

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Who is the favourite to win the French Open

The 2022 French Open is set to bring a lot of elite players into the big stage, which says a lot about the betting picks for you and other punters. Most French Open favourites to win are those who have already earned their way through the ATP Tour in the past few months, and that is a good basis to begin with.

For those who don’t know, French Open types of tennis tournament games have catered to a lot of intense games from the game’s best, and this says a lot about the leading picks to win in the contest. 

Winning wagers in the French Open

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