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Smash and win: A guide to SEA Games tennis betting
May 20, 2022, 6:34:00 AM

Smash and win: A guide to SEA Games tennis betting

Tennis is one of the biggest events to look out for in the SEA Games. A lot of players from different countries try to win in the tournament and bring home the glory. Betting on the SEA Games is a good way to spice up your viewing experience.

The SEA Games has been home to a lot of aspiring tennis players who hope to bring glory to their countries. While they are not considered the aces in big leagues such as the ATP Tour, these tennis players give all their best to show why they deserve the chance of a lifetime.

For starters, tennis is seen as one of the most intense sports to play. With the SEA Games tennis bringing a whole new experience for the sport, it is time for the top nations to shine on the big stage and show that they have what it takes to win.

Punters should consider looking at the bigger picture of the SEA Games. This will show the rest of the world that Asian countries are competitive and play at an elite level than most people think.

At the same time, this is the perfect venue for you to know more about Asian tennis and get a lot of winning chances with your wagers at the same time. Knowing more about how you can make the most of your bets is a good start if you want to win wagers in Southeast Asian tennis.

Bet on live tennis matches

Betting on the SEA Games tennis matches offers a wide array of betting options for punters who want to make the most of their chances of winning. These betting options vary and serve a different purpose depending on how punters see the matches currently playing.

With most SEA Games tennis odds available for a lot of people to see on every sports betting site, it is easy to make a call and use every market available. Each of these betting options can give you a chance of winning but you need to know how to use them well. Timing is even critical in betting on SEA Games tennis games, so make sure you focus on this.

Here are some of the top betting options that you can try:

  1. Exact score betting

  2. Betting on exact scores depends on how well you know the players in the match. There are a lot of matches in the SEA Games, which means you have more chances to guess the exact score. 

    This is one of the most rewarding markets that you can try to enjoy fair chances of winning. Exact scores are good to bet on in most games since most tennis games are not high scoring matches that will have big numbers involved.

  3. Total games 

  4. Betting on the total number of games is more of a challenge than most people think, but there is definitely more to expect in terms of winning since there is always a chance that you can make a right guess. Depending on the number of sets played, the games will be longer or shorter, so make sure you know the actual format of the contest before betting.

    Southeast Asia tennis games usually last longer than usual, so it would be safe to bet on at least six to eight games. That depends on the two players playing if they are an even match or not.

  5. Game handicap

  6. Handicap wagers are more of a set score that a team or player needs to reach or go under depending on the amount. Players are placed either as underdogs as favourites in a match, and this depends on their chances of winning in the given game.

    Favourites need to win the game less than the set handicap they got for a bet to win. Underdogs, on the other hand, need to just win more than the set handicap for your wagers to win. This is why handicaps are seen as a way to balance the tennis odds Southeast Asia and give fair chances for both sides.

  7. Prop bets 

  8. Prop bets can be a great option for those who will wager on games played by the projected top stars of the tournament. Asian tennis players are known for their grit and grind mentality, which makes prop bets even better as an option especially if the game is expected to be tight.

    There are various markets with this one. You may encounter options such as ‘first to serve’, ‘first to win set’, ‘set to reach deuce 5’, and so on. These change depending on how hyped the games are and who are the participating players.

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    The best tennis teams in the SEA Games

    Only four teams have managed to maintain a consistent winning pattern in the SEA Games tennis. Three of these teams have won more than a hundred medals in the past few years and have proven themselves to be the top contenders for the coming Southeast Asia tennis tournament. This only shows their dominance as the teams to look out for in the tournament.

    Here are the best SEA Games tennis teams to watch:

  9. Indonesia

  10. Indonesia is the leading contender in the SEA Games. The team has won a total of 188 medals, going for mixed results of 69 gold medals, 51 silver medals, and 68 bronze medals. They are seen as one of the formidable teams to beat in the sport and they have kept their strong approach to the game over the years.

    The Indonesian team has proven to be the shining standard in the sport. They have been consistent when it comes to the sport as a top team to beat. 

  11. Thailand

  12. Thailand is more of a quiet team. The Thai squad has won a total of 162 medals in the SEA Games tennis tournament. Their success saw them win 52 gold medals, 47 silver medals, and 55 bronze medals.

    The Thai squad has kept their chase for Indonesia alive after the 2019 edition. The team capped off a huge success in most categories such as tennis, basketball and even swimming, which is why it won’t be long for them to finally catch up to Indonesia’s overall tally.

  13. Philippines

  14. The Philippines have been one of the juggernauts in the tournament. The Filipinos have been a proud team, especially in their international competitions and have kept a strong presence in the SEA Games over the years. They have tallied a total of 111 medals in the SEA Games tennis tournament with 21 gold medals, 35 silver medals, and 55 bronze medals.

    The Filipino squad continues to be resilient and they have done a great job to stay alive even in the toughest competitions. Their successful hosting of the 2019 edition made them one of the top teams to look out for even with their medal tally far from the first two contenders.

  15. Vietnam

  16. Vietnam stands as one of the surprise contenders in the sport, it has been a long time since they managed to notch a gold medal in the tourney. With a total of 22 medals so far, they have always been striving to improve in their games after a long medal drought. The team is expected to be one of the best squads to look out for as they aim to get more medals into their tally in the years to come.

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What to expect from the Indonesian team

Indonesia is slated to defend their title as the best team in the SEA Games tennis tournament. The team won the previous edition in 2019, but ranked just fourth in the overall tally. The team still hopes to keep its same pace as they aim to win more medals and prove that they are the aces in tennis.

The team won the 2019 doubles edition with Jessy Rompies and Beatrice Gumulya winning big in the final. The mixed doubles of Aldila Sutjiadi and Christopher Rungkat also won in the same year, so it would be great for Indonesia to win big in the coming tournament once more.

This means that frustrations are expected to yield results for the Indonesian team. Most SEA Games tennis odds are in their favour thanks to their consistency as a contender in the sport, so this says a lot about their chances of winning.

What to expect from the Thai team

The Thai team is known for its competitiveness in its games, and fans can be assured that they are ready to take over the coming competition with a few upsets in the past contest. The team finished as runners up in the mixed doubles with Tamarine Tanasugarn and Sanchai Ratiwatana’s short performances in the final.

They failed to get a place in the men’s competition, which says a lot about the need for more improvement in their coming games. There have been a lot of changes in their lineup en route to the SEA Games tennis tournament, especially with Anchisa Chanta and Peangtarn Plipuech set to return to the squad.

The Thai team has been one of the most formidable teams out there, and they are coming back with a much bigger response after their short losses in the 2019 edition. This is why there is more to expect from the team that prepared a lot for this tourney.

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What to expect from the Philippine team

The Philippine team was one of the expected winners in the 2019 edition as they hosted the event, and they did not fail to impress back then. They have won a total of 387 medals in the tournament, which includes two bronze medals from Alberto Lim and Jeson Patrombon in the men’s singles.

They have enjoyed a strong haul from Patrombon and Francis Alcantara’s gold win in the doubles edition, beating fellow Filipinos Treat Huey and Gonzales Ruben Jr. in the final. They are expected to follow that up with more success in the coming games as they hope to keep the consistent level of play going with most odds swaying in their favour.

What to expect from the Vietnamese team

Vietnam finished second overall in the 2019 SEA Games with a tally of 288 medals. That includes gold and silver finishes from Lý Hoàng Nam and Daniel Cao Nguyen, respectively. They also had two pairs as runners up for the bronze medal in the doubles edition, making it one of the best sports finishes for Vietnam so far.

Savanna Ly-Nguyen finished with a silver medal in the women’s edition, while Phan Thi Thanh Binh and Tran Thuy Thanh Truc finished with a bronze medal in the doubles. The team aims to continue to rise up in the ranks of the best tennis countries, and the 2022 SEA Games tennis tournament is a good chance for them to prove that point.

Win big on SEA Games tennis matches offers a lot of betting options for the SEA Games tennis tournament, and you can check the odds for the coming matches of your favourite Southeast Asian tennis player ahead of time. Make sure to check the latest news on the SEA Games and prepare your wagers.

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