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A comprehensive guide to the 2022 ITF World Tennis Tour
Jul 29, 2022, 7:22:00 AM

A comprehensive guide to the 2022 ITF World Tennis Tour

The ITF World Tennis Tour is one of the best tennis circuits in the world which is a must-watch spot for tennis enthusiasts and bettors. Here are some of the most significant factors you need to know when betting on the ITF Tour.

In the lowest rung of the men’s professional tennis ladder is the ITF World Tennis Tour which has led to people not giving it the same attention compared to the other top events. This Tour helps young players to progress to the ATP Challenger Tour, WTA 125 Series, and then the full ATP and WTA Tours. 

Considering young athletes make this Tour such an exciting experience whether you’re watching or betting on it. Some tennis fans are not yet aware of what happens to the players in the ITF Tour and this has led to people to wonder what is ITF Tennis, exactly? To learn more about this event, you should take a look at its formats first.

What are ITF Tennis Tournaments?

The ITF Tennis Tournaments are held annually and hosted around the world so numerous young athletes can compete. While there are numerous tennis events held under ITF, not all of them follow the same competition format. So to know more about the ITF tennis tournaments and make wise wagers, you should be familiar with the events on this circuit as you can see below. 

Singles competitions

This is probably the most important part of the ITF World Tennis Tour because most events you can watch are in this format. Generally, young and rising tennis players competes in this format so if you want to find out who are the most skilled new athletes, then you need to watch this. It’s easy as well since there are multiple events you can check throughout the year. 

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Doubles competitions

In this format, players will pair up with another player to battle other teams of two. Just like what you can see in other circuits, the doubles have three variants: men’s, women’s, and mixed doubles. 

Wheelchair tennis

While mostly seen as a sport for the Paralympics, wheelchair-bound players are insanely skilled at tennis. It is one of the most exhilarating sports you can watch and thankfully, they are broadcasted during events on the ITF Tour. 

Beach tennis

Since this version is not as popular as the mainstream options, beach tennis has become one of the most fun circuits to watch. Thankfully, the ITF is a perfect platform for this because they are a sight for sore eyes when the original struggles. Beach tennis involves more rallies at the end because the ball doesn’t bounce once it hits the ground.

How many sets in ITF tennis?

In the match scoring for all of these ITF events, there will be a best-of-three format for the sets. For the doubles draw, there will be best-of-three sets again and if one set all, one match tie-break game will be played. 

It is important to know the format because it’s crucial to your bets. For example, if you know how long a match will take, you can gauge a player by their stamina. You might notice improvements with your bets when you know the basic ITF rules of tennis.

What are grades in ITF tennis?

Just like in other sports like soccer where there are tiers to any domestic system, the ITF Tour also has grades for its tournaments. At all of these levels, points for the players’ ITF World tennis number are available. Of course, the higher the grade, the larger the number of points will be given. Now, here are the five grades you need to know:

  • Group A - Composed of the Super Series including four Grand Slam events. 

  • Group B - This group is mainly made up of regional championships.

  • Group C - This is reserved for international team competitions like the Davis Cup. 

  • Groups 1-5 - In this group, each number will correspond to the skill level of the players. Level #1 will be the strongest while #5 will be the weaker event in the selection.

Now that you’re familiar with tennis grades, it will be easier to watch tennis matches. This is crucial because you can tell that the grades matters in the end because it determines the points and money that athletes can win.

Who makes money in ITF tennis?

If you ask ‘what does ITF stand for in tennis?’, it’s the International Tennis Federation—the governing body of the tennis formats mentioned earlier. Like any other tennis circuit, the main people earning money from the organisation are the players and the competitions are accountable in rewarding the prize money to those who won. 

Apart from the players making the money directly from ITF tournaments, bettors could also indirectly make money from ITF tennis. They just need to make the right bets and come out victorious with their wagers. Use the bonuses from your chosen sportsbook and bet on the best ITF tournaments markets to increase your chances of having higher rewards! 

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How long is an ITF tennis tournament?

Every ITF Tour lasts around a week which means players with high endurance will be the most crucial ones to your bet. Even if they are considered the best player in the ITF circuit, as long as they have limited endurance and longevity, they will struggle. Considering that you can determine which players will struggle once you take their stamina into consideration, you can make wiser wagers. 

The ITF betting tips you should remember

If you want to start betting on the ITF, you should always be ready to follow some of the tips that can help you with the wagers you’re making. These can help you make the best decisions in making a bet which can net you huge winnings so follow the curated tips below:

Know the top stars in the Tour

Certain players in the ITF Tour have separated themselves from the rest of the pack. They want to make it towards the ATP Challenger Tour and the fully-fledged ATP Tour in the future. With a good performance in the ITF circuit, you can expect them to go upwards. However, it will be your responsibility as a bettor to identify the top stars in the Tour while they are still playing in the ITF. 

This will be crucial because these players will be the standard that every other player will have to live up to. If you know the top stars, you can also gauge the quality of the rest of the Tour. 

Find out what kind of playstyle is considered the best

Playstyle is one of the most crucial factors to consider, especially since tennis is a diverse sport so knowing more about it is vital to making wise bets.

If a player loves to be aggressive, you can expect that a counter-attacker will be favoured to win that kind of match. However, it will also depend on the player who will be in the match. Make sure that you use nuance for your wagers here. This kind of consideration will change from time to time which is why you should keep watching ITF Tour matches so you can get a good idea of what works and what doesn’t. 

The surface of the court and the weather will matter

Just like any other tennis circuit, you should know that surfaces will change depending on the time of year. The surfaces that will be available will always be the standard three options which are grass, clay, and hard courts. Some people might wonder about the differences but here are just some of the reasons why the surfaces will matter.

  • Grass courts - This is the traditional surface for tennis which is often used at Wimbledon. On this surface, you can see that people will play very quick and the ball will generally bounce low. The serve will probably be at its most important spot on this surface compared to the others.

  • Clay courts - This surface will slow down the ball as it produces a slow but high bounce. Rallies will be longer and more suitable for baseline players. Putting spin and angles on the hits will be crucial here. 

  • Hard courts - This is the happy medium between grass and clay in terms of speed. Hard courts can change from time to time including acrylic hard courts or synthetic hard surfaces. 

Another crucial factor you need to consider is the weather because if it is drizzling, you can expect that the surfaces will be hard to play on. You can also expect that a sunny day will be fun to play on but it can tire the players out faster because of their sweat. 

Use the ITF betting odds to your advantage

Odds can help you with determining the favourites and underdogs. Apart from identifying them, you can also calculate the number of winnings that you can earn. 

Use the odds as a tool

Any ITF betting guide would always say that if you want to make the best bets possible, you should consult the odds before making the decision. 

Of course, you should always know that you need to look at the context behind the numbers. This is an important point to distinguish because if you keep betting without consulting the numbers, your bets will be inconsistent in the long run.

The context behind the odds will be crucial because that will involve previous matches, stylistic matchups, records on a certain surface, and much more. Always do your best to look at every factor that can affect a match because that will be vital for your chances of getting the reward. When you are equipped with the knowledge to bet on the ITF Tour, the bets will be easier to make because you will be much improved with your decision-making.

You can identify the favourites and underdogs properly

As mentioned earlier, these favourites and underdogs can be easily understood when you consult the odds. You should know that if you bet on the underdog, you will most likely earn more when your bet hits. The favourite would be the safer pick hence why the reward is not as high as the underdog. 

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Do not miss out on the ITF wagers

Most fans would gravitate towards the ATP and WTA Tours but bettors should also realise that the ITF is one of the most exciting parts of sports betting nowadays.

Appreciating the best youngsters in tennis right now should be commended. The ITF is not only for the male and female players because the wheelchair-bound players also have a good chance of performing at their peak level at this event. USA, Great Britain, Romania, and Germany are some of the countries hosting the first ITF matches for August. Don’t miss out on the rest of the ITF tour this year.

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Words: Cholo Martin