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Kamil Majchrzak is ready to prove himself at the Tokyo Games
Jul 26, 2021, 4:24:00 AM

Kamil Majchrzak is ready to prove himself at the Tokyo Games

Polish star Kamil Majchrzak is ranked 115th in the ATP Tour but he wants to play above his rank and properly represent his country at the Tokyo Games. This will be his debut at the Games which is why it’s surprising that Kamil is so confident to perform at the top tier.

Kamil has experience in playing in this type of tournament. He was a winner of the Youth Games back in 2014. He is now in Tokyo with the hopes of winning a gold medal at the Summer Games. He knows it will not be easy but he is ready to prove himself with the players across the field at the Summer Games.

He admits that the Youth Games is vastly different from the Senior Games but Kamil is ready to prove himself. He said, ‘It’s a completely different tournament. We’re no longer juniors. Here we play with the best players all over the world. It’s a big difference. We compete against big names like Novak (Djokovic), like Daniil (Medvedev), like Hubi (Hurkacz). It’s going to be very difficult to repeat that success, but I will do my best’.

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He will be joined by fellow Pole Hubert Hurkacz who is widely known as one of the best players in the scene today. Kamil knows training with his teammate will help him improve for the Tokyo Games. Hurkacz will also look to compete as a top star at the Games and even Kamil believes his teammate will most likely get a better spot than him.

‘He (Hurkacz) motivates me very much. I’m trying to do my best in practice with him, to give him the best quality as possible’, Kamil said. ‘It’s very inspiring. I’m looking forward to join him at the top’.

It will be fun to see how the two Poles can stand up against the other players in the event. The Games will have so many top talents in one place and Kamil will look to beat everyone en route to a gold medal. It is unlikely that it will happen but Kamil truly believes he can make it far in his first Summer Games as a pro tennis star.

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Words: Cholo Martin

Image: PA