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Kim Clijsters is still excited for her future after losing in Chicago
Oct 1, 2021, 4:40:00 AM

Kim Clijsters is still excited for her future after losing in Chicago

After a year of no WTA Tour-level matches, Kim Clijsters lost to Hsieh Su-Wei at the Chicago Women’s Open. Despite the loss, Kim is still excited for her future. At 38 years of age, Kim is still working her way back to the top tier as she continues to show her love for pro tennis.

Back in 2012, Kim decided to retire from tennis due to injuries she suffered throughout her career. She focused on her family and some low-level coaching for the rest of the decade. This all changed in 2020 when Kim suddenly announced that she would return to pro tennis at the Dubai Tennis Championships as a wildcard.

While she has not blazed a trail for herself, she has proved that she can still compete at a high level after seven years away from the sport. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Kim wasn’t able to play much in 2020 and she suffered a knee injury which forced her out for an even longer period. She made her return in Chicago where she lost to Hsieh on a 3-6, 7-5, and 3-6 scoreline.

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It was disappointing she lost the match but taking a game from a skilled player like Hsieh should still be commended. Kim has done her best to work her way back up to the upper tier of the Tour again and this might be her first step on that ladder.

After the match, Kim was her usual perky self which showed that she had fun despite the loss. It was a fun match to watch because both players were motivated to perform.

Kim was ecstatic about being healthy after a long while which contributed to her return to the Tour. She said, ‘Super excited to be here and to start my match. The match, you know, some good things and bad things, inconsistency. Physically being able to get through these matches without big concerns, that was the main goal. I came close today, but I still have a good feeling’.

The future is bright for the four-time Grand Slam winner as she wants to prove herself again as a top star in the WTA Tour.

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Words: Cholo Martin

Image: PA