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Raducanu shares her tennis mindset
Oct 28, 2021, 4:21:00 AM

Raducanu shares her tennis mindset

Emma Raducanu is one of the best rising stars in tennis today, and she continues to gain ground in the WTA Tour. The star is set to bring the best of her games and she wants to prove to the world that her patience and strong belief in her abilities is the key to success.

Emma’s sudden rise to the bigger games in the WTA Tour has made her an icon for many aspiring players. As she races for the Transylvania Open, the star knows that her approach to the games is not the same as the top stars such as Serena Williams or even the legendary Maria Sharapova.

As she continues to rise in the WTA Tour, Emma has worked hard to ensure that there is more to expect from her and she can earn success in the long run. She has gone a long way from her lowly games en route to the top-level tennis. That has been the main story of her career which is a good example to those players who want to play.

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‘I skipped a bunch of buildup levels and buildup stages where you normally work your way in, play your way into the game’, the star said. ‘I basically went from the $25ks to playing Masters, (WTA) 500s and 250s. I just need to be patient with myself, not expect too much, and I am learning to accept it is not so smooth. Just bounce back positively’.

The Transylvania Open is only her sixth career tour-level event. Patience has been the key for her success and she is still learning in her games so far. It is going to take some time before she can raise her game to the big ones, but she has faith in her skills that she’ll soon make it there.

That is a mindset shared by Simona Halep, who is one of the best players today and is known as Emma’s idol as well. She believes that Emma’s success at the US Open is the big stepping stone that the British star needed to improve in her games. This is the right time for Emma to raise her game.

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Words: Paul Daniel Flores

Image: PA