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Tsitsipas sets showdown with Zverev in win
Jun 10, 2021, 4:00:00 AM

Tsitsipas sets showdown with Zverev in win

Stefanos Tsitsipas is now set to play against Alexander Zverev in the semis after beating Daniil Medvedev in three sets, 6-3, 7-6 (3), 7-5 in the fourth round. The Greek star rolled past the Russian pride and did not hold back in his games as he secured the crucial match win.

Tsitsipas had to come up with a shot every time Daniil launched his volleys at him. Almost every weapon in the Russian’s arsenal was seen in that match, but it was not enough to take down the Greek star as he still came out on top.

No one expected Tsitsipas to win in a match that was not even close. The Greek star had a tough time in playing against Medvedev, but it was the surface that made the difference. 

Medvedev is yet to thrive in the clay court, while Tsitsipas had a string of wins on the surface. It was a huge factor in the match that derailed the Russian’s hopes of making it to the final. The Greek star is pleased to see his work pay off.

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‘I'm playing good. That will show by itself’, Tsitsipas said. ‘I don't think there's a player out there in the draw that thinks they can't win the tournament. I'm pretty sure they all know they can play well. Of course I'm playing good, and I think if I keep repeating the process, keep repeating the everyday hustle that I put in, for sure there's going to be a reward. And why not?’.

This marks the third time in a row where Tsitsipas has reached a Grand Slam semis. The Greek star continues to steer his way into success, and so far he has proven to be a great star in the making.

A win over Zverev will earn him a shot at the French Open title, and he is eager to make the most of it.

‘I feel privileged that I'm in that position’, Tsitsipas said. ‘I feel obviously I've put in a lot of daily hard work and that has been a key element of me being here. But my ego tells me I want more’.

Tsitsipas is set for bigger heights, and this is his big chance to keep his pace going for more big wins.

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Words: Paul Daniel Flores

Image: PA