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What's next for Emma Raducanu after a solid Wimbledon run?
Jul 8, 2021, 4:51:00 AM

What's next for Emma Raducanu after a solid Wimbledon run?

In the biggest tournament of her life so far, Emma Raducanu went on a big run to the Round of 16 until she had to retire against Alja Tomljanović due to breathing issues. Despite that loss, she is set for exciting times ahead since she’s only a teenager.

Emma superbly played during her first WTA Tour Grand Slam. She just made her senior debut back in June 2021 and she entered Wimbledon as a wild card. The English teen won three matches to make the final 16 and she was dominant in those wins. She showed youthful energy and she showed why she’s now known as one of the next stars of the Tour.

In just the space of a week, Emma is now one of the most popular athletes in England. Her time at Wimbledon ended with a whimper due to her breathing issues but she’s put herself in the spotlight. Emma will surely come back strong with a better mindset especially since she’s received so much support from fans and a big star like Marcus Rashford.

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Emma will be a star

If you were watching Emma’s matches, you can see that she is a special talent. She had the energy of a youngster but she played more like a veteran. Emma was under control and she faced her opponents with poise and control. If she can keep this going and improve, even more, she will be a constant name in the Tour.

She talked about her breathing and what led to her retirement from the Round of 16. 

‘I found it very difficult to regulate my breathing’, Emma said. ‘I think that it was emphasised by some very long rallies that we had towards the end of the first set, which made it tough for me to keep my composure and the breathing in check’.

Emma has treated it like a lesson she can learn from. That is a healthy mindset to have which is not expected from a young player like her. She has the right attitude for the sport and that will yield results sometime soon.

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This is only the beginning for Emma

Since this was only her second pro tournament, Emma has so much left to do in the WTA Tour. This should give her more confidence to perform on the big stage. She already has a spotlight on her, she just needs to meet expectations and perform at her highest possible level during events.

Emma received unwarranted criticism from pundits like John McEnroe. The ATP Tour legend inferred that Emma crumbled under the pressure of the big stage. That did not happen and McEnroe was rightfully criticized on social media for his comments.

Even Alja talked about the criticism of her fallen opponent. She said, ‘For him (McEnroe) to say that, it's definitely harsh. I have experienced something similar but not to that extent. I can't imagine how she must be feeling having to pull out. Being down 6-4 3-0, you can come back from that quickly, especially on grass. It's really sad that she had to do that’.

This breakout performance will be amazing for her career. She will be stronger on the court and will benefit from the sponsorship deals she will surely receive after a star-making run. This will be great for Emma’s long-term future because she is already known as the rising star of the British tennis scene which has produced great players over the years.

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Words: Cholo Martin

Image: PA