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Why coaches see Rafael Nadal winning another Grand Slam
Jun 17, 2021, 3:35:00 AM

Why coaches see Rafael Nadal winning another Grand Slam

Since Novak Djokovic won the French Open, it was a bad result for Rafael Nadal who lost to the Serbian in the semis. Despite the loss, coaches feel Nadal will win a Grand Slam soon. It will be interesting to see since Nadal looks like he’s motivated to prove his doubters wrong.

It was rare to see Nadal on the losing end at the French Open which is his signature event. He has a grand total of 13 trophies from the event which is the record for any tournament in the ATP Tour’s history. 

Rafa is still one of the best players in the world but the Tour has shifted to a modern era with the likes of Stefanos Tsitsipas and Dominic Thiem who are climbing up the rankings. Stars like Rafa and Novak are still at the top of the Tour but their performances are threatened by the young players. 

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Rafa's uncle Toni Nadal is a prominent coach in the sport. He has a unique perspective on the Tour which is why he sees Rafa winning another Grand Slam soon. Toni even admits that the French Open was clear cut with its results. 

With Wimbledon and the US Open to come, Rafa is one of the favourites heading into the event alongside Novak and the rest of the top 10. Toni sees his nephew raising a trophy on at least one of the two Grand Slam events left in 2021. 

‘The player I saw as most capable of beating the Serbian on clay if he had the opportunity, apart from my nephew, of course, was the Greek’, Toni said. ‘Wimbledon and the US Open will probably be decisive. I would not dare to venture conclusions, but I do dare to maintain the confidence that it is my nephew who raises one of the two’.

Rafa can take his game to the next level. He looked like the best player in the world a few months ago but he slipped up at the French Open. However, he’s motivated enough to prove he’s still elite. Hopefully, every star can perform at the top level of pro tennis.

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Words: Cholo Martin

Image: PA