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Why tennis has a bright future in the 2020s
Dec 14, 2021, 4:35:00 AM

Why tennis has a bright future in the 2020s

Tennis is an awesome sport with a rich history but some fans doubt its future. The biggest stars are ageing which is why the fans are worried about the sport. Let's talk about what's in store for tennis in the next few years.

Tennis fans can rely on their sport to be exciting with every tournament. It is known as one of the most fast-paced sports in the world. You can expect every match to be a fun experience because both the ATP and WTA Tours are filled with stellar players.

In the 21st century, the tennis world has been blessed with star players like Roger Federer, Serena Williams, Rafael Nadal, Maria Sharapova, and many more. With most of those stars getting older, it’s fair to say that the tennis world is set for a new era. Fans are worried but they should not be scared of what the future has in store for tennis.

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New stars are popping up

When you look at the tennis Tours, you can see that the sport is in good hands. There are some rising stars in every part of the world. The 2020s will be a decade where you will see new stars popping up to keep up with the rest of the Tour.

You already saw this with new stars like Emma Raducanu and Jannik Sinner performing at a high level in their respective Tours. They are thriving already which means that fans should not be worried about the sport’s future. The older generation is not done yet but you can expect the new stars to gradually take over.

Players like Alexander Zverev, Daniil Medvedev, and Sinner have all been branded as the ‘NextGen’ of the ATP Tour. That should not be the case anymore because those NextGen players are in their prime now. They are playing at a high level and you can expect them to exceed the Big Three of Fed, Rafa, and Novak Djokovic sometime in the 2020s.

It is hard to predict who the new dominant star will be but you can expect moderate success from these new stars. They will most likely not replicate the Big Three’s immense success but the Tour will be more balanced.

The WTA Tour is already experiencing these changes. Back in the day, Serena was dominating the whole Tour and she was not willing to let her grip on the top spot go. Some stars tried to compete against her but Serena managed to outlast them all. In the late 2010s, the WTA Tour started to shift towards the new stars.

Players like Naomi Osaka, Ashleigh Barty, Bianca Andreescu, and even Emma are showcasing intense performances. You can expect them to reach the same level as Serena in the 2020s as they look to compete for the top spot in the Tour. It is hard to replicate the older stars but the inspiration is a huge part of the WTA Tour’s crop of young players. You should expect them to keep improving with the number of new players stepping up.

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Tennis is constantly evolving

As time goes on, you should expect that tennis will constantly evolve. There have been some new players improving because of techniques that were not developed before. Skills are improving because of the new advanced training sessions available to players now.

Back in the day, tennis players were used to training with only a court and a training partner. In the modern era, these athletes have machines that can help them. They can have machines serving the ball to them to work on their receptions. They can even have measurement tools to help them know how powerful their hits are.

It’s not a surprise that young players are faster to develop in this era because they have the means to improve at a young age. They can even work on evolving their playstyles during their careers with these machines. You can expect them to go up as time goes on.

Players themselves are evolving right before our eyes because the overall quality of tennis is improving. It is difficult to measure the impact of the new systems in place but you can tell that it is working out for most of the scene.

It also helps that most tennis players are open to changes in their training sessions and how their play styles coincide with each other. There are still some fundamentals that they need to learn but the young stars have a new approach to the sport. As the scene continues to grow, you can expect players who bring a different perspective with them. As long tennis players are working on their game, you can expect that their coaches and the fans will be pleased with what they’re seeing on the court.

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The current stars are inspiring new ones

Players like Nole, Rafa, and Fed were once young players who looked up to stars of the past. In the 2020s, they are seen as inspirational stars. When you look at the crop of talent set to rise in the 2020s, they are all inspired by the Big Three. Stellar talents are inbound and they have studied the Big Three’s tendencies and skillsets. Players who refine their skill sets based on their idols will be the ones who become stars in the 2020s.

Just like the Big Three before them, the stars of the 2020s already have good fundamentals. Sinner is a prime example of this as he has all of the tools to become the best player in the world. He is strong physically but he can also keep up with his skills. He can use strong shots to overpower his opponent but he can also be skilful with soft shots and outsmarting his fierce rivals.

This is the same in the WTA Tour because Serena will retire sometime in the 2020s and the younger players will be ready to take over. Emma already won the US Open in 2021 and there will be new stars who will look to follow in her footsteps. Emma herself will be a catalyst for change in the Tour as she wants to usher in a new era of women’s tennis.

The new stars of the 2020s will continue to break out and the tennis world will be happy with so many top choices in the highest level of the sport.

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Tennis players are getting healthier

With the advancements in sports science, it’s fair to predict that athletes will get healthier. It also helps that players are more mindful of their health now across the board. Sports like basketball and football are leading the way for athletes’ health but tennis is just behind them.

Athletes are also doing well with their nutrition. In the modern era, healthier foods are more abundant compared to past eras. You can expect players to prioritize their health above anything because they want to maximize their success. For them to win, they need to be healthier and take advantage of their bodies while other players are not doing the same.

Lower body injuries have been an issue for tennis players for a long time and if they can avoid this, players will be available for more events. If they can avoid lower-body injuries, they will have a better overall time playing in events.

They have a better approach to the game now compared to the past stars who were playing in events while they were injured. That was problematic a long time ago but coaches and doctors wanted what’s best for the players.

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Fans are more passionate about tennis

Since tennis players have been discussed, the fans also deserve to be involved. They are the backbone of pro sports and the players love playing in front of a packed crowd. The fans are more passionate about their preferred sports in the modern era. You can see this support on social media and in the stadiums.

The overall tennis scene will improve because the fans are fighting for the sport that they love. You can expect great success from the big tournaments because the fans are there to support and buy tickets. Tennis players are gaining more popularity now because the fans are involved on social media.

They can build businesses outside of tennis because they know that fans will be willing to spend money and support them.

Tennis will continue to grow and that is largely due to the quality of the tennis and the passionate fans around the world.

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Words: Cholo Martin

Image: PA