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Betting tips for the 2022 Wimbledon Championships
Feb 23, 2022, 3:57:00 AM

Betting tips for the 2022 Wimbledon Championships

Wimbledon is one of the biggest majors for the ATP Tour every season. Fans are longing to see how the Grand Slam will play out after a tight start to the 2022 ATP Tour. Punters also look forward to betting on the best games in the tournament.

Wimbledon’s games proved to be some of the most intense matches to watch in every ATP Tour season. This makes it one of the top markets for tennis punters since it hosts the best players in the world as they aim to make history in the league.

Betting on Wimbledon may be a challenge for punters because the tournament is well known for causing upsets. But this is what makes it so exciting. As a punter, you may be looking for the best tips to circumvent this. That’s why we’ve put together this Wimbledon betting guide for you.

There is still time for you to do your homework and make a strong pick when the games come. This is a huge chance to at least try the same markets in different tournaments so you can make the most of your bets.

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2022 Wimbledon Championships overview

Wimbledon is considered to be one of the biggest stages of the ATP Tour. It is the only Majors that does not have an ‘Open’ to its name since it is the oldest tourney in the sport and is also widely regarded as the most prestigious of them all. There is no doubt that the hype around the tourney will grow even bigger the closer it gets.

Wimbledon presents a big chance for both Men’s and Women’s tennis players to come up with their storied wins in the season. 2021 winners Novak Djokovic and Ashleigh Barty may come in as favourites coming into the contest. This only means that they may come in to defend their titles, which should make them a better option for betting, but you should also consider rising stars who may steal the spotlight in Wimbledon.

Wimbledon has many aspiring contestants. The tournament usually runs for about two weeks, which gives punters many Wimbledon betting odds to consider.

Tips in betting on Wimbledon games

Research is always a huge factor in betting, and there are no guarantees on who will win. Each player who steps on the court is there to win, and upsets are nothing unusual in the game of Tennis. 

Knowing who or what to bet on in a given game, let alone a whole tournament, is an advantage for you to get a win in your wagers. Considering the best players who may have a bigger chance of winning in Wimbledon is a must. Past records, titles, and other factors should be taken into account. Those who have played in the past edition of the contest have a bigger chance to go deeper in the contest and are more likely to come back for more action. 

On top of that, there are even players who may make a big push even if they did not make it that far in the previous edition. There is always a surprise in tennis, and the unpredictable nature of the game makes it a challenging yet rewarding sport to wager on.

Consider how the previous Majors ended - the Happy Slam was a huge twist for a lot of punters as it came out to be one of the tightest competitions to watch. That means more expectations from players who shined bright in the 2022 Happy Slam.

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Betting on Wimbledon stages

Outright betting in Wimbledon is picking the winner right away. It is best to always consider a player’s recent stretch in the season alone and their previous runs in Wimbledon itself. Betting outright in Wimbledon is tough and punters have to be smart at all times, which makes it wise to consider reading some Wimbledon outright betting tips.

It takes a lot of confidence for punters to wager on the outright winner. It is hard to predict who is going to win, especially with the tourney building up a lot of hype. To get the most out of your best for Wimbledon, it's important to keep an eye on all major tennis tournaments leading up to Wimbledon. This will give you a good overview of how the players are performing in general.

When it comes to quarter betting, Wimbledon has a lot of players to account for. The best way to get this done is to watch their games closely and see if they have a chance against their opponent. Checking the stats of every player when Wimbledon is ongoing is a must since it is a way to gauge if they can really handle the stress and challenges of the contest.

Wimbledon is a long tourney, and it is a tight competition for any player. This means that time will affect the players and their chances of getting to the final. It is also a huge factor in how punters would pick their players in the long run.

The final match in Wimbledon is always a sight to behold. Over the years, winners have always tried to close it out as soon as they can, but most of the time it has been a tight game and punters are left in a tough spot since the final two players are usually both top seeds.

Players will fight their way to the top and in the end, there can only be one winner for the contest.

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Wimbledon betting markets

Winner market is simply betting on who will win in the game. This is different from the winners per set since it is a separate market of its own. Betting on a winner for the said game or the contest is hard. Each game works differently from one another and there is even a chance that the underdog can turn the whole game around.

Punters are advised to at least try out every game they can watch as one of our top Wimbledon betting tips. You have to treat each match as a different one at every given turn, and it is wise to consider doing some research for each matchup. Here are the top three markets you should try in betting on Wimbledon games:

    •   Total games is the number of games that will be played throughout the match. Grand Slams are played at a best of five sets, which means that players will need to win three to win the match. Depending on how it will finish, a single game can take six to eight games to finish.

For example, due to the shorter rallies encouraged by the quick grass courts, a typical set at Wimbledon tends to take a little under 40 minutes. On the other hand, slow clay courts produce longer rallies, so an average set at the French Open takes significantly over 40 minutes.

    •   Game handicap is simply handicap betting. Players are either placed as underdogs or favourites, and they will have to win more or less than the set handicap prior to the game. Handicaps are seen as a great way to put up a chance for winning for each player on both favourites or underdogs. 

Handicaps work best for players that are either unequally matched or are seeded way too far from each other. This levels the playing ground on the betting odds since the favourite will need to less than the actual score he wins with while the underdog needs to win the game with more points than the actual set handicap.

    •   Exact score betting is a little bit challenging in Wimbledon since matches can either be tight or lopsided, depending on how the players will strive to make a push for a win. Still, it is one of the most rewarding markets if it is a game between two players that are not evenly matched. 

Betting on the exact score sounds promising if you do it right. A lopsided match is easier to predict since it doesn't happen all the time, especially in a tourney such as Wimbledon. 

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What makes a good player to bet on?

There are a lot of factors that affect punters’ choices in betting. They are always sceptical when choosing the right star player who they think will win in Wimbledon. As one of the biggest stages in the ATP Tour, it is safe to say that the contest brings a higher standard for any punter. Here’s what makes a player a great option to place your wagers on:

A player’s record in the season is the first factor to consider on any given day. Punters must check how a player performs for the whole season, and going for Wimbledon is a whole new task that needs more determined players who will fight hard.

Season records before Wimbledon takes both the Happy Slam and the French Open into account. Winners for both Grand Slams may be a good option to wager on since punters can assess that they have a good groove going in their games and are likely to make a push in their games as well.

Record in Wimbledon itself is another factor to look out for. Every player will have to force their way into the deeper rounds of the tourney just to get a chance at making history. This is why Wimbledon is the home of the best stars in the ATP Tour.

As the most prestigious tournament in tennis, Wimbledon stands as a tough challenge to all. Roger Federer and William Renshaw hold the most singles titles won in the contest, and they are some of the favourites of their era when it comes to Wimbledon.

Wimbledon betting lines would be full of these top stars who have thrived in the contest. Consistent winners in Wimbledon should always be considered as a top pick every time the tourney comes into play.

The recent games will also come into play since going into Wimbledon with a losing streak is never a good deal. According to some Wimbledon tips, players are not likely to win a single match if they are in a slump. Always check the past set of games played by the player before placing wagers on them.

Players on a roll are more likely to make a deep push in the contest. These are the players recommended by most under Wimbledon quarter betting tips. So far, most of those players who come into the tourney as winners of consecutive games make a huge leap as well.

Health also plays a huge role in all aspects of tennis and not just in Wimbledon finals betting tips. A player fresh from injury may play slower than usual since they are not back in their form yet. This means a lot in their next set of games in the contest since it would be hard to win if they don’t have a great performance due to their health.

Players playing for a long stretch without any injuries are the most reliable ones to wager on. These stars are in their form and have a groove going en route to the contest. This makes them a favourite to win over other players who had a trace of injury in their past few years.

Betting on Wimbledon games is fun but you have to put an effort into deciding your bets. It adds to the fun that you have a good grasp about the event and the participating players. Don’t forget to put these tips and tricks to good use when betting on the 2022 Wimbledon Championships.

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Words: Paul Daniel Flores

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