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Comprehensive guide to Royal Ascot betting
Aug 11, 2022, 8:12:00 AM

Comprehensive guide to Royal Ascot betting

The Royal Ascot is one of the most prestigious horse races in the world. It has set the golden standard for races out there thanks to its high prize pool. A lot of jockeys and teams are aiming to get a lion’s share, and betting doesn’t fall too far from it as well.

As the most valuable race meeting in Britain, it attracts a lot of the jockeys in the world to race their finest racehorses. They are battling to get millions of pounds in prize money. For instance, the 2019 edition has given out a total of £7.3 million to begin with.

Since the Royal Ascot offers a lot of races, you will never run out of options that can give you great chances of winning. This is why you should learn how to bet on Royal Ascot.

Reading a Royal Ascot betting guide should be enough for you to have a winning chance in your wagers. As long as you follow the rules for it, the better chances you have of putting up the best wagers possible.

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How long does Ascot last

Royal Ascot races have proven to be a great option when it comes to betting. This is one of the finest races that you will ever find, especially if you want to bet on multiple races. The annual Royal Meeting takes place over five days, and each of those has a lot of options when it comes to placing wagers in a given race.

With a lot of races in the span of five days, this means you can try various Ascot racing fixtures. That means more chances of winning and a wide array of options if you want to go for different markets. There are a total of 26 races over the course of the year, with 18 flat meetings from April to October and eight jumbo meetings between October and March.

When is the Royal Ascot race? The Royal Meeting is held in June every year and is always the main highlight of the whole Royal Ascot followed by the prestigious King George VI and Queen Elizabeth Stakes in July.


The first race of the day is The Queen Anne Stakes. There are a total of two other Group 1 contests that will give you a better option in betting. There is also The King's Stand Stakes and the St James' Palace Stakes that round off the feature races on the card.


The Wednesday batch of Royal Ascot horse racing gives a much more relaxed atmosphere off the track than usual. The first race of the day would be the prestigious Group 1 Prince of Wales's Stakes. This is the race known for being won by superstars Crystal Ocean and Frankie Dettori in the 2019 edition.


Thursday features the biggest race of the Royal Ascot — the Gold Cup. It is also the most electric day of the Royal Meeting thanks to the oldest and most prestigious race taking place. The Gold Cup is staged in a 2 ½ mile stretch, which makes it a tough test even for the most elite horses that are used to going for longer distances. This is one of the hot picks that you should learn as it yields bigger winnings.

One of the most historic races was the 2020 edition where the reigning champion Stradivarius, with jockey Frankie Dettori on board, won for a third consecutive year. Aside from the races, there are also a lot of high fashion and millinery masterpieces on the centre stage. This is why the third day of the Royal Ascot is dubbed as the ‘Ladies Day’.


The fourth day of the Royal Meeting sees two Group 1 races, namely The Coronation Stakes and The Commonwealth Cup. These two races are seen as the mood setters for the final day especially with a lot of hype for the Diamond Jubilee Stakes. However, this also opens up a lot of chances for observant punters at the same time.


The final day of the Ascot only has The Diamond Jubilee Stakes as the main feature race. This was won by Blue Point in 2019, and the horse became known as the first to win the Diamond Jubilee and the King’s Stand in the same year.

What horses are running at Royal Ascot

For those who ask ‘how does Royal Ascot work?’, most horses allowed in the Royal Ascot are Thoroughbreds and it can be for horses four years and above. This is to allow elite horses to run in one of the biggest stages of racing since the tournament preserves its reputation of having the best of all breeds in it.

The horses here are tested for longer races, which means there is always an assurance of a great race each day. On top of that, Royal Ascot horses are screened well for health issues, speed and endurance. This is why your bets are totally worth it on this race at all times.

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How to place a bet at Royal Ascot

Betting on Royal Ascot races is easy. In fact, it is even one of the most rewarding races for punters like you. This is why you should know how to bet on Royal Ascot as you may just get a chance at hitting the jackpot if you make the right call.

With five days of intense and high quality flat racing, this should be the best chance for you to enjoy your wagers and get bigger chances of winning. You can expect to make the right wagers as long as you read a Royal Ascot betting guide to help you along the way.

Making win only bets

Win only bets are for those pros who are confident of a certain horse’s chances. Your bet will only return if your picks win the race. For those who are betting on short priced horses, this type of bet is the best option.

Royal Ascot betting odds are fair enough to give you a good look at which horse you should bet on. You need to look at those numbers and compare the chances of each horse pulling off either an upset, a wire to wire win or a sound victory. Make sure to keep an eye out for these numbers every time you go for Royal Ascot online betting.

These bets are more of a sure winner wager that you would love to enjoy since making the right bet means bigger winnings. To ensure your winning chances, it is always best to consult guides on Royal Ascot betting since you need to know more about the horses and their chances of winning.

How many races at Royal Ascot

There are a total of 115 flat races in the Royal Ascot. From April to October, these flat races are your best chances of getting a win in your wagers since each of those has elite horses running for the big cash winnings at the end. With 18 days of flat racing each year, you can never run out of betting options.

Here are the Group 1 flat races you should look out for:

  • The Gold Cup

  • St. James' Palace Stakes 

  • King's Stand Stakes

  • Commonwealth Cup

  • The King George VI

  • Queen Elizabeth QIPCO Stakes

QIPCO British Champions Day is known to hold the greatest number of Group 1 races of any race day in Royal Ascot. There are a total of four races at the top level, which means more betting options for you. All of these are good reasons why you should learn how to bet on Royal Ascot races in the long run.

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What is the main race at Royal Ascot

The main race at the Royal Ascot is the Royal Meeting itself. It is the highlight of the British summer social calendar, and there are a lot of attendees for the said race every year. This is why it is a must-watch and you should not miss your chance to also place your wagers in this prestigious event.

The Royal Meeting has grown from the first four-day race meeting that was also held at Ascot back in 1768. The Gold Cup stands as the feature race for the Royal Ascot. It is the busiest day of the week as it also features not just the best known horses in the world, but also a few select celebrities and icons who have high regards for both the race and fashion.

Where to bet Royal Ascot online

When it comes to Royal Ascot online betting, is the best option you can get since you can get a lot of betting options for the Royal Ascot races. The platform delivers the best competitive odds that you can ever find along with a fun, fast and fair betting experience. 

For starters, horse racing features a Royal Ascot 2nd place refund. This means that you can bet on any horse that you want and get a refund if it finishes second. The refund for your stake can be up to 50 euros, which makes it totally worth it especially if you want to enjoy extra winnings.

On top of that, you can enjoy betting on Thoroughbred horses in their different races. You can even place wagers on the next to jump market, all races and even extra racing. This is what makes one of the best Royal Ascot betting site that you can try for bigger winnings.

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Frequently asked questions

When it comes to betting on the Royal Ascot and other horse races, there are a few questions that may need some answers from the site before you enjoy your wagers. 

Here are some of the frequently asked questions for Royal Ascot betting and other races:

  1. What betting markets can I try for Royal Ascot?

    There are a lot of betting markets that you can try for the Royal Ascot, such as the winner bets, place bets, trifecta bets and so on. These markets are considered a great chance to win when it comes to horse racing since these wagers vary from each race.

  2. What payment methods can I use? has a lot of payment methods available for you. You may use PayPal, Skrill and other known brands. On top of that, you also have the option to use crypto if you want. Sportsbet supports Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Ripple and other known cryptocurrencies.

  3. How do I bet on live horse races?

    Betting on live horse races is simple. All you need to do is to place wagers on a select horse and then hope for the best. Betting on live horse races means that you can watch them and make bets along the way as opposed to betting in advance.

  4. Can I use bonuses on horse racing markets? has a lot of bonuses available for you when it comes to horse racing and other sports. Multipliers are given for those who create new accounts with deposits made to enjoy their wagers and get a chance to win bigger prizes.

Enjoy Royal Ascot betting with crypto on is here to provide you with the best betting experience that you won’t find on any other platform. Hop in on the hype train and use crypto such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and many more. You can enjoy the convenience here thanks to the smooth and fast transactions with little to no fees at all. Step up to the plate and start betting on the Royal Ascot.

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