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A punter’s guide to horse racing bets and how they work
Aug 12, 2022, 2:32:00 AM

A punter’s guide to horse racing bets and how they work

Horse racing is known as one of the best races to bet on aside from Formula 1. No one can deny the fact that it is clearly a favourite among the masses thanks to its huge reach. You can get a lot of big wins on horse race betting by knowing a few tips and tricks on its wagers.

The sport has had a global audience over the years which led to its dominant rise in the betting industry. Horse racing alone attracted 50 million punters with a total of at least $9 million wagered. 

Learning every horse betting strategy is a must if you want to get a lot of winning wagers. Once you learn how the system and the wagers work, you can get started on making a lot of daring bets. With a lot of betting markets to choose from, it is also easy to expect that you would never run out of options in making the most of your chances. To get started, you should know more about horse racing bets and the system itself here at Sportsbet.

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Knowing the different types of horse racing bets

There are a lot of horse racing bets that can help you get the winning prize as long as you make the right call. You have to know the use of each bet and know how it can affect your chances of winning since they vary from one another, such as win place show bets.

Here at Sportsbet, punters are always advised to pick their wagers well. Compared to other sports, horse racing is a little bit more complex than most people think as there are wagers that can give you a winning combo. It does not happen all the time, which is why you can use a backup wager if you feel that you have less chance of winning on your initial wager.

Here are the different types of horse bets:

  1. Place bets

    Place bets are seen as a common wager in any country, but others may have a much more organised wager since it varies on the number of horses in the said race. This is a bet type that needs you to pick a horse that will have a set place in the final lap.

    Your horse must finish either at the first, second or third spot for a winning wager. The number of horses that will race on the track also determines the number of placings that will be paid out, so it is a must-use wager for you to get a strong winning chance to begin with.

  2. Multiple horse bets

    Another fun way for you to get a winning combo is by using multiple horse bets. This wager allows you to bet on multiple horses in the same race. Depending on the stakes that you choose, the odds may be a little bit tight, making it harder to win but the promising payouts can be a convincing factor for a lot of punters.

    This type allows you to go for a combo of two, three, and even more bets to increase your return with combined results. The final payout will be multiplied by the odds of your selections, which should make it a bigger win at the end of the race.

  3. Exactas

    Exactas requires you to bet on the two winning horses in the right order. This type of bet is mostly seen in races such as the Kentucky Derby, Preakness Stakes, and even the Belmont Stakes.

    All you need to do is to pick the first and second horse in the correct number. There is an option for you to box your picks which means that the two horses can finish in any order. At the same time, it also allows you to select more than two runners in a given game. There are two kinds of exacta bets you can make:

    1. Quinella - this bet is much easier than exacta to begin with. All you need to do is to bet on the two top places and guess which horse will finish, but not in any order. This bet is also known as reverse exacta, reverse forecasts or reverse perfectas. 

      With a much flexible betting option, quinella is the smartest bet in horse racing. It is one of the most reliable wagers you can use since there is a chance that you can get various winnings at the end of the day.

    2. Superfecta - this bet takes it one step further as you can now place wagers on the top four spots in a race. Just like a quinella, the horses do not need to be in any order, which makes it easy to win especially if you know the horses and jockeys in the race.

      This wager further increases your chances of winning as it widens the margin of error in your bets. It offers a much better chance of winning since you can enjoy a bigger win as long as you make the right call.

    3. Trifecta - a trifecta bet is a much more difficult version of the first two exacta bets. This requires you to pick all the top three places in the right order. You have to be concise and accurate on the placing since one misplaced horse can crumble the whole wager.

      This bet is popular among many punters since the difficulty of picking the top three finishers requires a huge consideration. This is why there is a lot of patience required for you to make the right call on this one.

  4. Multiple race bets

    If you are looking to spice up your betting experience, multiple race bets will always work better than any horse racing show bet since it gives you a much better chance of winning. Betting on more than one race can give you a lot of winnings as long as you pull off a correct call.

    These bets are the most appealing type to a lot of punters since they do not cost too much and even have huge payouts. With more chances of winning, you may be willing to risk more than you usually bet to begin with.

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Knowing more about the horse racing system

Most punters are usually looking for a simple horse racing system that works. These methods vary all over the world and you can even see different types working for every track. It may be good for you to understand how each of the known horse racing systems work since you may need to consider different options at a given time.

For starters, a horse racing betting system that works well should be the one that gives you a lot of winnings from betting. Every horse betting guide will give you an outlook on what you should use in your wagers, so make sure to check out and pick the right options in betting at all times.

Here are two of the best horse racing systems:

  1. Dutching system - made popular by Dutch Schultz, this system focuses on betting on many horses at once in a single race. This system allows you to get a guaranteed win whatever the outcome of the race is.

    This system is more of a helpful bet that can go alongside other wagers such as arbitrage, hedging and lay betting. That means you can expand your winnings at a given race.

  2. Beaten favourites -  going for beaten favourites is a little bit tricky but then you can also try for more wagers as soon as the next race begins for the given horse. A favourite horse that loses the prior race will have much bigger odds on the next race to begin with.

    This sets up a perfect chance for punters to double their bets on this one since it also has a bigger payout than it had in the past race, making it a strong pick for your winning chance.

Why you should bet on horse races

Horse racing offers the most profitable betting options for punters. It is not just about placing predictions and finding out which horse wins it first, second and third. You also have a chance to win if they even take a specific place, so make sure you try out every betting market out there.

Horse race betting has a lot of variations as well, and you can even win big prizes as long as you are willing to take risks. The bets are mostly simple and easy to learn, and it is all in your hands to win the jackpot.

Here are a few reasons why you should try betting on horse races:

  1. Win bets are easy to make. You have a much bigger chance of winning multiple bets as well since it expands your chances of winning. All you have to do is to predict the winning horse, and the prize is simply hard to ignore as well.

  2. Betting on horse races is an easy way to earn profit, especially when you are confident that the horse you picked will come up in any of the top three or five places. Easy wagers are the best and you would want to make the most of your chances on that end.

  3. Another reason for you to try and bet on horse races is that you can get various bonuses from certain betting sites. Sportsbet offers you some of the best multipliers, promos and other bonuses that can be helpful for horse race bets. 

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Top horse race betting tips to consider 

Horse racing tactics are a huge help for your wagers. Not every tactic will guarantee you a win at all times, but it does increase your chances of winning and getting a higher overall payout. 

No matter what kind of wagers you are placing, it is always crucial to bet responsibly. Gambling is both an exciting and rewarding experience, but you should always remember that taking the risk means you are always ready to take the loss should it ever happen.

Here are some horse racing tips to consider:

  1. Always do your research - doing your homework on horse racing is always important as it can give you an edge in your bets. Racing forms, which are known as guides, will give you all the information you need to make the best wagers out there. 

    While it may not tell you which horse you need to bet on, it will at least give you some factors to consider in making your bet. This leads to a more informed decision than a rash one, which could lead to a tough loss.

  2. Budget well 

    It takes a lot of discipline and smart tactics to get a win in horse racing, but one also must know how to take a pass on a race. Your bankroll should not be pushed too much since you have to consider that it will put you in a bankrupt situation at the end of your betting session. 

    Sticking to your budget should be a big priority. Don’t go beyond the usual limit since there is always another chance for you to get a win in your horse racing wagers. That means that even if you are winning a lot, you should learn to stop when you reach the set mark.

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Frequently asked questions about horse race betting

You may have questions on how you can score wins and what are the best bets to try. Sportsbet gives you the best answers to some of the frequently asked questions about horse race betting:

  1. How do you win at horse race betting?

    There are a lot of guides when it comes to horse race betting, and all you need to do is to read all of them and consider the advice they give to you. Most of these tips can be a helpful way for you to get a bigger chance at winning wagers so make sure to put up a strong bet at all times.

  2. What is the best betting system for horse racing?

    All of the betting systems can be a profitable chance for you to get a lot of winnings. Each system will fit your betting style, and you can figure it out just by going for the trial and error process. Hedging your bets may also be a good option especially if you are betting on a big handicap like most races.

  3. How do you win big in horse racing?

    There are a lot of sites that offer horse racing bets. Sportsbet, for instance, gives you the best chance by going to the various markets on the site. There are also certain bonuses that can give punters a much bigger winnings than their usual rate since it multiplies the total winnings on the odds.

Score big horse race betting wins

With horse racing now emerging as a top pick among many punters, you can be sure that Sportsbet will give you the best options for a winning bet. This is a great chance for you to make the most of your wagers and use your knowledge about different types of bets and systems in horse race betting.

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Words: Paul Daniel Flores

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