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The best betting guide for the Grand National
Aug 15, 2022, 6:58:00 AM

The best betting guide for the Grand National

There are loads of horse racing events that can be considered important. The likes of the Kentucky Derby and Belmont Stakes are huge and alongside that, the Grand National is also a phenomenal event to make wagers on. 

England is known as one of the best countries when it comes to horse racing. The sport has been around for centuries in England and it has not left the country ever since. There have been many races in England that have been connected to the Royal Family and it has been a huge reason behind the sport’s growth in the country. The rest of Britain has followed suit as well because Wales and Scotland have also participated in horse racing. 

Despite the two country’s love for horse racing, it is fair to say that England is still the biggest country in the area when it comes to horse racing. With top-tier events being held in England, it is fair to say that the Grand National betting scene is possibly the largest in the country’s history. With that, let’s dive further into what makes this Grand National even such a huge deal in England and around the world.

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What is the Grand National?

Grand National is one of the biggest events in the horse racing world. It has been around since 1839 and it has remained one of the most valuable races in Europe alongside the Prix de l'Arc de Triomphe. 

The Grand National is a handicap steeplechase over an official distance of about 4 miles and 2½ furlongs. You should also remember that this is a jump race which means that horses will have to jump over obstacles. In this race, the small obstacles are called hurdles while the taller ones are called fences. In the Grand National, the latter is important to know because that will be the obstacles that the horses and jockeys will have to face. 

The race is held at the Aintree Racecourse in Liverpool and it is usually seen as one of the biggest cultural events in the country. This is also where people get into horse racing and the betting scene as well because they can make wagers and win with their bets. Now, if you are interested in how to bet on the Grand National, you should use the best tips for the race.

Be familiar with horse racing

If you want to succeed with your horse racing wagers, you should be aware of the basics of the sport, especially the Grand National. When you look into the sport, you can see that there are fundamentals that you should learn. 

You should always know what to look for when gauging a potential top horse and what makes a top horse because there are many factors that you should consider. Here in this Grand National guide, you should find out some of the biggest factors that you should look for. 

Look at factors that help horses win races

  • Check out how the horses can perform on the track - When you look at the participating horses in the races, you should know how fast they can run. In the Grand National’s case, you should be aware of how certain horses can perform on the track. You will have to look at their leg power when it comes to mixing both jumping and galloping and if you can see that they can perform at the highest level, they can become the Grand National best bets.

  • Look at the horse’s lineage - As you progress in the horse racing betting scene, you should look at the background of the horses in the race. The lineage of the horses will play a huge role in your betting. If the parents are champion racehorses, you can expect that their offspring will also perform well. If you’re looking to make Grand National horse bets, you should remember that lineage matters in this sport and you can win your bets if you know that. 

  • Jockey ability - Horse racing is much more than the horses themselves. You should know that the jockeys play a huge role in the races as well. They will be the main guides for the horses in the races. While the horses can have natural skills when it comes to racing, the jockeys should help them not just by guiding them but by planning tactics that can be used to outwit their opponents in the race. When you place a bet on the Grand National online, you should be aware of the jockey as well because they will be crucial to the horse’s success.

Find out the favourites for the Grand National

As you progress through your preparation for the Grand National, you should know that there are a few horses that have separated themselves from the rest of the pack. Just like in any other sport, there are favourites and underdogs during the big race. If you want to win your bet, you should know who they are so you can maximise your chances of winning the bet.

You will most likely look at the Grand National runners and odds for this but you should also do your own research. Look out for the best horses that have performed in other races that can turn out to be strong options for your bets. This will take some nuance because you might be convinced by the odds but you should also look for the horses that you know can perform at the highest level. 

You can identify the favourites from the races held before this event. You will have to look for the best horse to bet on Grand National through the races that were held before the event. It will be challenging to identify the best horse to bet on just a few months before but when you build up your knowledge of what is going on, you will thrive as a bettor. It also helps that you’re on horse racing because you will have the odds to help you see the top favourites. Of course, the numbers are the be-all and end-all but you can look into the context behind the numbers to properly know if they are deserving for the favourites tag. 

The favourites will have a tough task ahead of them because they are labelled with that tag. Some trainers and jockeys will take note of the favourites because they will look to counter them so they can emerge victoriously. Do not just look at the tip-top favourites as you can also have other bets to make. The tier just below the favourites can become a gold mine if you play your cards right. 

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Don’t forget the underdogs

When you are making your bets, you should never forget the underdogs that can pull off the upset. This will matter because if you bet on the underdog and they win, you will most likely net a solid amount of rewards. 

Across the Grand National’s history, there have been many underdogs that have pulled out wins. In the event’s history, five horses won the race at 100/1 odds. These five horses are tied for the longest odds of any winner of this race. 

  • Tipperary Tim - As one of the best stories in Grand National history, Tim had a non-pro jockey who believed that they could only win if the others fell down. That was what happened during the 1928 event. In the 42-horse field, Tim was the only horse that stayed up as most of the horses took a spill. The event has since held the record for the fewest horses to finish the race.

  • Grealach - There were 77 horses during the 1929 race and Grealach managed to beat them all while being the heavy underdog to win.

  • Caughoo - In the 1947 event, Caughoo was known as one of the heavy underdogs. Despite his underdog status, Caughoo managed to dominate the field and finish 20 lengths over the second-place finisher.

  • Foinavon - Another dominant performance from an underdog came from Foinavon in 1967. This was another underdog taking the win from a pileup but it was a dominant performance through and through for the Irish horse.

  • Mon Mome - As the most recent underdog that took the win, Mon Mome is still familiar to many horse racing fans. It was a fantastic victory that truly left a mark on the Grand National as most people still see underdogs as potential winners. 

Read reports regarding The Grand National

Since the Grand National is a huge part of the horse racing calendar, you can expect various horses, jockeys, trainers, and owners to have this race encircled on their calendar. You will have to read the reports that you can check out around the internet because you can use them to their fullest potential. 

If you are reading the reports, there will be times that certain horses have suffered injuries which can play a huge factor in the National Hunt racing event which is the circuit for jump races in Britain.

Apart from the injuries to the horses, you can also look at the reports regarding the people who are behind the horse’s development. The trainer and the jockey will be huge parts of a horse’s performance at the Grand National. 

You should also check out certain horses that have picked up momentum. Some horses might pull out due to injury or a trainer dispute. You will see this on the news if it pops up and you can change your bet accordingly. This is the right way to use the news because it will help you adjust your bets without issues so you can make changes. 

Look at the events before the Grand National

Looking at the events before the Grand National will help you become aware of the horses in good form. Since this event is usually held during the early days of April, there are certain events that you should check out. 

  • Cheltenham Gold Cup  - As another National Hunt race in England, this is a race that you should look forward to if you’re betting on the Grand National. This can serve as a platform for your bets because you can succeed further if you consider this. This event is typically held in March which means that it is a good thermometer for the Grand National.

  • Dubai World Cup - Since it is one of the biggest events in the horse racing world, this Dubai event will be crucial to your Grand National bet as this will be an important event that will precede the big National hunt race in early April. 

When you bet on certain events, you should always think of the long-term effects because momentum matters for your bets. Making tough decisions should always involve all of the available factors so you can maximise your chances of winning your bets. 

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Look into the context behind the odds

When you look at the Grand National betting odds on platforms like Sportsbet, you might be surprised that certain horses are much higher than the others. The odds will be objective based on the stats but they are not the only important factor in horse racing betting.

Reading the odds should be helpful to you but don’t solely rely on it to become the only factor that you consider. The odds are not infallible so you should look into the numbers before making the bet because you might find yourself regretting the decisions that you made.

You will most likely win your bet if you do your research because you have the context behind the numbers. If you are betting on the favourite, you should be sure that they are truly the number one racehorse in the Grand National that can both gallop and jump. It is a tough mix to gauge but you can be an awesome bettor if you look into what is going on. 

The highlights of the 2022 iteration

As you move forward with your bets on any Grand National betting site like, you should look at the event that just passed. The 2022 iteration was held on the 9th of April and the race was won by Noble Yeats. The horse was trained by Emmet Mullins and ridden by Sam Waley-Cohen with final odds of 50/1.

The horse was a seven-year-old bay gelding which meant that Yeats became the first horse of that age that won the race since Bogskar did it in 1940. This was also a huge highlight in Waley-Cohen’s jockey career because this was his last race before retirement.

Any Second Now and Delta Work were also highlights of the event as they gave Yeats competition. Yeats took the victory in a 40-horse race which was tough all over the event.

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Prepare for the surprise horses

While some favourites and underdogs can perform, every year, a horse will always perform and punch above its weight class. This should be a priority for you to learn because if you identify them, you will have a good chance of winning your bets. You should be ready to look at the surprise horses because you will most likely see them thrive if you have been keeping up. 

Preparation is a huge part of the horse racing betting experience and if you have all the tools at your disposal, you will most likely succeed. You should always find the best way to maximise your chances of winning and looking at the best horses is an awesome way to truly succeed with your betting. 

The Grand National is one of the biggest events that you can bet on in horse racing and if you can win there, you should succeed elsewhere too. It will be a tough challenge at first but if you get the hang of it, maybe you will take this with you in future horse racing wagers. 

At the end of the day, horse racing betting is still one of the most popular and enduring markets in the industry. You should try to bet on the sport because it makes the experience much more thrilling and it is worth it just to see how your chosen horse pans out. Of course, there are many kinds of horse racing bets that you can make but the Grand National will be a good event to make wagers because it is a top-tier event in the sport. When you do decide to bet on this event, hopefully, you can have fun. Good luck!

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