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Balls up! A guide to the Volleyball Men’s World Championships
Jul 19, 2022, 12:50:00 AM

Balls up! A guide to the Volleyball Men’s World Championships

The FIVB Men’s World Championships is one of the biggest events in volleyball. A lot of nations join the big stage as they all hope to win the prestigious tournament. This is why most fans are looking forward to watching and betting on as well.

Volleyball is one of the most popular sports to watch, and international play has been the focus for many punters over the years. This just shows why the FIVB World Championship is the event that every sportsbook will be keeping an eye for. Reading a guide on the coming tournament is a must to give you a lot of chances at winning. 

Why should you bet on the FIVB Men’s World Championships 

Since the FIVB Championships is the biggest stage in volleyball aside from the Games, it will give punters a lot of betting opportunities that they must grab. Here are the following reasons why you should place a bet on this event right away.

Bigger stakes

Since the FIVB Championships is an international volleyball tournament, it is safe to say that there is a lot of stakes in the coming games. With a lot of joining teams in the competition, the level of difficulty in winning for squads is tighter, and it means a lot of intense matches that will go down to the wire.

What’s good about betting on the FIVB Championships is that there are a lot of games to look out for, which means you can never run out of options to bet on. You can be sure that you will get a chance to win the best prizes.

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A lot of betting markets to choose from

Sportsbet.io allows you to bet on the biggest games that will be featured on the FIVB Championships. Learning how to win volleyball betting can help make the most of your wagers, and picking the best betting markets is a starting point to get the best wins possible.

Here are the best betting markets to try in betting on the FIVB World Championship:

Winner bets

Every single list of volleyball betting tips will point you towards betting on the winner bets. This is the easiest market to try since it is simply betting on which team you think has the best chance of winning. Based on the odds and on your research, you have to pick a winner for the game, and they have to claim victory by the end of the game regardless of the score.

For example, if you think that Poland has a better chance of winning against Brazil in a given match, then you should try and trust that the Poles can indeed pull off and finish the game strong. No matter how they beat Brazil and the scoring margin, the win is all that you need to get.

Game totals

Volleyball is played in sets, so you may have to wager on a game that has a chance to go for higher points if the playing teams are good on the offensive end, or lower points if it is a tight game between two defensive squads. To win in this bet, all you need to do is to bet on either the total points scored or the total number of sets played in the game.

For instance, the United States and Serbia may go on a game with tight scoring, reaching at least more than 27 points per set for each team. This means the game totals is a favourable market to bet on volleyball, and if you guessed the right total score, the bet ends up as a big win for you.

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Another score-related betting market is the over/under bets, which requires you to bet on the number of sets played or the overall points total scored in the game. However, the big twist is that you have to bet on a set score and pick if it goes over or under the number. All you have to worry about this market is the numbers regardless of who wins the game.

Poland can win the game, but you need to keep an eye on the total points scored by the team and shoot your chance if it is going to go over or under. If you wagered the score to go over 75 points, then the game total for Poland should not end up less than the set point and vice versa.


Handicaps are a good way to level the betting odds between two unequally matched teams. These can be teams that have a huge margin in their records or total wins. Even if the top two teams are playing, there will always be underdogs and favourites in every match, which is determined by volleyball betting odds.

Poland, for example, is set as the underdog in their game against Brazil. The Polish team will have a head start to begin the match but has to win the game with more points than the set handicap. Brazil, as the favourites, will need to finish with a win less than the handicap that was given to begin the game.

Tournament format

The FIVB Championships format has changed over the years. Depending on the host nation and the final decision of the FIVB board, there may be preliminary rounds or different stages to play in the tournament. If you want to know how to win volleyball betting, knowing the format of the competition is a must.

For starters, the defending champions Poland are already given a slot for the competition. The top two teams from the 2021 Continental Championships have also secured their place in the qualifiers. The last 12 places are given to the top 12 teams of the FIVB depending on their rankings, while Ukraine is offered the spot for Russia in light of the latter’s recent invasion.

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How pools are organised

For those who ask ‘what is the role of FIVB in volleyball?’, they serve as the governing body for all forms of the sport. They organise these tournaments and make the decisions regarding the format of the FIVB World Championships.

Seeded teams follow the serpentine system and the FIVB has reserved the rights to set the hosts as the part of Pool A even with the World Ranking in consideration. All unseeded teams are drawn to fill the rest of the available spots in the pools according to their ranking. 

Preliminary Round - August 26-31, 2022

The Preliminary Round will take place from August 26 to 31. This is also known as the Pool Stage as teams will play three games against the squads in the same pool. The qualifying teams are divided into six pools, and the draw held in Moscow last September 2021 determined the brackets for the set round.

Round of 16 - September 3-6, 2022

Games in the Round of 16 are set to be played in Ljubljana and Gliwice. Winners of the Pool Stage are all set to play depending on their record. The 16 remaining teams are ranked based on how they performed in the Preliminary Round, which are seeded with the top team facing the lowest-ranked squad.

Quarterfinals - September 7-8, 2022

By the end of the Round of 16, eight teams remain and will play another series that will trim the number of squads into the semis. Just like the Round of 16, the four games of the Quarterfinals will be played in Ljubljana and Gliwice. The first two games will be played on September 7, while the last two will be played on the next day.

Semifinals - September 10, 2022

After a day of rest, the final four teams of the will travel to Katowice for the Semifinal stage. The winners of this round will advance to the Final of the FIVB World Championships. Both games will be played on the same day, with the losing teams moving on to the third place match to determine rankings of the final four.

Final - September 11, 2022

Still held in Katowice, the Final of the FIVB World Championship will determine the best team in the league. This is the biggest stage of the competition and a lot of punters take their pick on a squad that they believe has a chance of bringing fame and glory to their respective countries.

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Favourites to win FIVB World Championship 

A lot of teams are gearing to make the most of their chances in the upcoming FIVB World Championship, but a lot of volleyball betting tips you can read will say that it is best to also know which of them is the best to wager on. Here are the top contenders for the upcoming competition:


Poland did not fail to impress when they came up with a strong finish in the 2018 edition. The defending champions swept Brazil in the final to win the title, and their success in the earlier stages of the competition proved why they are the kings of volleyball Men's World Championship.

Poland is ready to defend its title in their home ground. This is a huge advantage for the Poles and they are likely to come up with a back to back win in the FIVB World Championship as long as they keep the same roster while working on their few flaws.


After a promising run in the earlier stages of the 2018 edition, Brazil proved that they can bring the best of their game in the competition. The team swept Serbia in the semis but faced a much stronger foe in Poland in the final, getting swept themselves in the process.

Brazil is back with vengeance and is ready to take on the FIVB World Championship once more. Their success in the recent FIVB Men's Volleyball Nations League has made them formidable and a lot of experts believe that they are making a huge push all the way to the final as well.

United States

The United States was the only team to bring Poland to a tight game for the whole 2018 edition. The team lost 3-2 to Poland in the semis, meaning that they were so close to booking their tickets for the final. Coming up short in reaching the last straw of the competition has only ignited desperation for the team, and they are keen to prove themselves.

While they managed to snag third place by beating Serbia, the United States still has a long way to go and will need to come up with better pace in their games if they want to come back stronger in the FIVB World Championship.


Serbia was lucky to be part of the final four in the 2018 edition, and now the squad is eager to prove that they are a team to beat as well. Their 3-0 loss to Poland was hopeless, but their 3-1 loss to the United States was more humiliating. As one of the best teams in Europe, Serbia still has what it takes to contend for the FIVB title.

The Serbs are a threat when it comes to spikes, but that backfired well when they faced two defensive teams in the final two rounds of the 2018 edition. They have improved a lot since then and have done a great job to earn their place back into the 2022 competition.

Frequently asked questions

A lot of punters are not just interested in betting on the game, but also knowing a few details about the competition as a whole. To make the most of your wagers, you should know the teams that have made success and left their mark in the competition.

Here are some frequently asked questions about the FIVB World Championship:

Who has the most medal wins in the FIVB World Championships?

In terms of success in the FIVB World Championships, the now-defunct Soviet Union holds the record for the most medal wins in the competition with a total of 11. Brazil holds the second spot with a total of six (three golds, three silvers) while Italy and Poland are tied at the third spot with four apiece.

Which nation has hosted the most Championships?

Italy has hosted the most Championships at three. The Italians were the lucky hosts in the 1978, 2010 and 2018 editions of the Championships. Poland, Argentina, Brazil, Bulgaria and three more countries have hosted the competition twice.

Which country has won the most MVPs in the Championships?

Poland has the most MVP wins in the Championships with a total of three winners. The team first won with Stanislaw Gosciniak in 1974 before going back to back with Mariusz Wlazly in 2014 and Bartosz Kurek in 2018.

Which team has appeared the most in the Championships?

Bulgaria has appeared the most in the FIVB World Championship with a total of 18 appearances. Brazil, Poland and Italy are tied for second with 18 while the United States has a total of 17 appearances. The Soviet Union had 12 straight appearances before it was dissolved in 1991.

Where can I bet on the  FIVB World Championship

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Words: Paul Daniel Flores


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