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Agatha and Duda continue to win gold medals around the world
Jul 15, 2021, 4:40:00 AM

Agatha and Duda continue to win gold medals around the world

FIVB’s number one duo Agatha Bednarczuk and Eduarda ‘Duda’ Lisboa proved why they are ranked that high by winning the gold medal in Gstaad. They carry good momentum heading into the Tokyo Games where they are seen as the favourites to win another gold medal.

As a duo that perfectly captures the veteran and prodigy dynamic, Agatha and Duda have proved themselves as the best team in beach volleyball this year. They have performed well in 2021 which has been rewarded with the number one spot in the rankings. During the event in the Swiss Alps, they managed to win the final in straight sets over their compatriots and Olympians Rebecca Cavalcanti and Ana Patricia Ramos. 

This was the number one duo’s second gold medal of the year and they showed why they are worthy of being known as the best team in the world. Apart from their two gold medals, they also won a silver and two bronzes during their seven World Tour events earlier this year.

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Why this was a big win for Agatha and Duda

Since the Games are so near, this was a big win for the duo because they can build from this win and keep the momentum going in Tokyo. It was the last event before the Games where the top players played against each other and they still managed to win against tough opponents. 

Agatha talked about how much this win meant to her since she’s played in this event for almost her entire career. 

‘I have been chasing these cowbells since I first played here, in 2005, it’s been 16 years’, she said. ‘We didn’t start the final well but all I was thinking about was playing my best game. Results are obviously important but winning or losing is part of the game, what I really can’t stand is leaving the court with the feeling I didn’t play the best I could’.

They want to build on this win

It was their seventh World Tour title as a duo since their team started in 2017. They’ve played in 38 international events together and they’ve been a solid duo. It should not be a surprise that they’re considered as the top dogs for the Games since they’ve played so well and their chemistry is hard to copy.

After the final, Duda talked about how much this meant to both of them. She said, ‘This is so exciting. It’s our first gold here in Gstaad, a city that’s very beautiful and has one of the best atmospheres for us to play. It was a very emotional tournament and for us to win gold in the last tournament before Tokyo, it’s very special and means a lot’.

It will be fun to look at the field for the beach volleyball event at the Games because it’s loaded with talents like Agatha and Duda.

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Words: Cholo Martin

Image: PA