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How the Cannon-Hughes combo can thrive
Nov 16, 2021, 3:57:00 AM

How the Cannon-Hughes combo can thrive

In just their second tourney as a duo, Terese Cannon and Sara Hughes took home the bronze medal in Itapema Games. The duo shined bright in the final FIVB Beach Volleyball World Tour stop of the year with their comeback victory.

While they dropped their first set at 9-21, the duo rallied all the way back to win the next two sets with a score of 21-18 and 15-9. The duo played well for most of the tourney despite the fact that they did not have much experience in playing as partners. They came into the 4-star event as the no. 12 seed and were one game away from winning their shot to the gold medal game.

The duo had their fair share of feats on the beach. Cannon won back to back titles in her NCAA run and even scored the final kill to beat Pepperdine back in 2017. On the other hand, Hughes has been a menace in her NCAA years with titles in 2016 and 2017.

Fans hope to see a lot from the new star duo that is going to shake the volleyball world soon. They even expect them to take on the bigger games, especially now that they are still within their twenties.

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Cannon is a born winner

Cannon made her FIVB debut back in 2019. It took some time for her to adjust to the games, but soon won her first medal in 2020. Cannon won a silver at the 2-star Siem Reap Open along with Kelly Reeves, and that was the start of her success in the sport.

In the current tour, she has a total of three medals. Cannon won her first at the World Tour 1-star Nijmegen with Delaney Knudsen. This is an assurance that she will have a brighter future. A fighter like her shows that there is more to expect from her runs in the FIVB.

Cannon is one of the best offensive players at her age as well. She packs a serious punch which means that her spikes are very hard to defend against. While they only had a bronze finish in this win, her games are a show of promise.

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Hughes is a hungry star

At the age of 26, Hughes has been a masterpiece in her games. She also played with Kelly Claes in college and was even ranked as the no. 9 in the world with her partner Summer Ross back then.

Her first win at the FIVB was a gold medal in 2018, and she had two bronze medals as well. In 2021, her run at the Rubavu 2-star tourney in Rwanda was a huge success. She won with Emily Day and has kept a strong pace ever since.

Hughes is one of the best stars who have a strong potential to become a top player in the long run. Who knows, her success might even bring her to the next level as she works on her game with Cannon.

If the duo can work together well in their next set of games, then it is easy to expect that there would be a lot of medals for them in the long run. That puts a lot of pressure on them, but they are ready for it.

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Words: Paul Daniel Flores

Image: PA