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Kenya hopes to win big in Tokyo
Jul 12, 2021, 3:34:00 AM

Kenya hopes to win big in Tokyo

As one of the giants in volleyball, Kenya women’s team aims to make sure that they are going to win big in the Tokyo Games this year. The squad has high hopes for their run and they do have what it takes to bring home the gold medal.

Kenya is seen as a top team in every Games. They topped the African medal charts in the Rio Games when they had six gold, six silver, and a bronze medal in athletics all alone. That shows their grit when playing for their country.

Over the past few years, Kenya rose to the top of the ball games in every contest. They have the most runs in the ball games with seven before they went on a decline in the 1990s. The team then went on to rise early in the past decade with some big runs in volleyball.

Since then, Kenya has found a lot of success in the Games. They are a huge icon and are set to play big in Tokyo. Captain Mercy Moim said that the team is ready to bring it to the next level despite the tough situation due to the pandemic.

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‘We had to fight hard to make this team because we have a group of young players coming through’, Moim said.

Coach Paul Bitok also said that he had to make a big call and drop five key players from the top squad. Two of those players played a huge role in the qualifiers and it has sparked some talks ahead of their run in Japan.

This may affect their chance to win in Tokyo, but the coach trusts his team to win it all.

‘The new players that came in brought a new standard and level after working with us’, Bitok said. ‘This is a competition, to select 12 they had to compete with each other. The young players were improving day by day and we gave them a chance to make the final team’.

The Malkia Strikers have a huge chance to win it all in the coming Games.

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Words: Paul Daniel Flores

Image: PA