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Nebraska keeps winning streak alive with 10th straight victory
Oct 27, 2021, 3:29:00 AM

Nebraska keeps winning streak alive with 10th straight victory

The University of Nebraska Cornhuskers is one of the strongest teams in college volleyball today. This has been stamped with their 10th straight win in conference play against Purdue. Nicklin Hames was once again the standout after surpassing 4,000 career assists. 

Hames and the rest of the Huskers had fantastic performances all around. They won the game against Purdue, three sets to one. Nebraska only lost the first set and they won three straight to secure the win. As one of the seniors, Hames was relied upon to deliver for his team and she did just that with 48 assists, 17 digs, and three service aces.

The rest of the Huskers performed well with four double-figure kill points in the game. Junior Madi Kubik led the way with a well-rounded performance with 15 kills but she also got it done on defence with 10 digs. Kubik has showcased her consistency as she has been the kills leader for every game in the 10-game streak.

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Nebraska keeps going from strength to strength

In most NCAA rankings, there are still multiple teams above the Huskers. While the Nebraska squad will disagree with the sentiment, it is hard to gauge teams from different conferences. However, based on the eye test, it is hard to stay away from the Huskers since they play high-quality volleyball.

Kubik is not the only player who is scoring consistently because the middle blockers have been stellar. Kayla Caffey and Lauren Stivrins have been amazing as they helped the team with their defence. Blocks have been a huge part of the Huskers’ success and that should be credited to Caffey and Stirvins’ efforts.

The Huskers are a threat to any team that will play against them. They are not a one-dimensional team since they are locked in on both sides of the game. It will be difficult to keep this winning streak alive but they have tackled the challenge head-on.

If any team wants to challenge the Huskers, they need to know that this team will not back down. They will keep their aggression level high and they will keep improving from strength to strength with every game.

This momentum can lead to potential glory

Nebraska has not won a national title since 2017. While that might sound that it’s just a few years ago, that is not what the Huskers are used to. Over the past two decades, John Cook has been the head coach and he has won four titles with the team.

They want to win another trophy with Cook serving as their leader. If they can compete on this level consistently, you should expect the Huskers to be the favourite to win the title in the 2021-22 season.

It will be difficult because there are so many good teams at the collegiate level but the Huskers are already a proven commodity with their stars.

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Words: Cholo Martin

Image: PA