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Purdue strengthens their grip on the top 10 spot in the US
Nov 18, 2021, 4:57:00 AM

Purdue strengthens their grip on the top 10 spot in the US

Purdue University secured their spot in the USA’s top 10 volleyball teams. With their win against the University of Minnesota, Purdue continued to prove themselves as a top team. Since they’re in the top 10, they are living up to their place in the rankings.

In one of the most competitive matches in the Big Ten, Purdue and Minnesota played a solid game. The Golden Gophers tried to claw their way back against Purdue but the Boilermakers managed to take the victory home in four sets. It was a strong performance for the Boilers as they only dropped a set against a quality opponent.

Purdue head coach Dave Shondell talked about what he and his coaching staff’s focus. He said, ‘We’ve worked really hard on our blocking. Both myself and Chance Sutton, our volunteer coach, have worked really hard at trying to get them to understand some different schematics about how we can stop people’.

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Caitlyn Newton was a standout for the Boilers as she kept scoring and defending well. Alongside her is Grace Cleveland who is one of the best attackers in the team. While the second set was a rough one for Purdue, they managed to recover properly in the third and fourth sets.

Senior setter Hayley Bush was blessed with so many options during the game as she only had to make tosses to her teammates. After the match, Bush talked about their goal for the rest of the season. Bush said, ‘We don’t want to just be a top-five team in the Big Ten anymore. We want to take that next step and be a top one or two team in the Big Ten’.

Newton secured 19 points in the match as Purdue strengthened themselves against the other teams in collegiate volleyball. Shondell is pleased with what he has seen from his team because Purdue is now a contender for the title in the 2021 season.

The Boilers are now a top 10 team in the US. Their grip on the spot will be more loose compared to the others but their results matter. Purdue is a top team now and their ranking reflects that.

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Words: Cholo Martin

Image: PA