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Temple University wants a team culture that values good health
Oct 29, 2021, 4:31:00 AM

Temple University wants a team culture that values good health

Temple University has had their fair share of injury struggles over the years. Co-captains Gem Grimshaw, Xeryah Salanoa, and Katerina Papazoglou want to push good health values. The Owls' performances have been poor so far but now they are healthier.

The Owls have started the season with a 1-8 record and a 5-15 win-loss tally overall. Those are not good numbers but they are pleased with the lack of major injuries. They just need to improve their play because they have a good grasp on the sport’s health aspect.

The team does not only value physical health because they also deal with the mental health struggles of the players. Temple has their own sports psychologists who help with the players who are personally struggling. The captains regularly meet with Mental Performance Consultant Emily Galvin who takes charge of this issue.

With these regular check-ups, Temple is healthier which gives them the chance to bounce back from the slow start to the season.

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Since they are captains, Grimshaw, Salanoa, and Papazoglou are held to a higher standard. They are the regulars who talk to the authorities which means they are in charge of their teammates. The Owls have a strong team culture with these three players at the centre.

Papazoglou talked about their jobs as the team captains. She said, ‘As captains, we have to follow those things and we have to keep ourselves and our teammates accountable. I think it’s important, especially when it comes to the games and to the practice, and we need to trust each other and be honest with each other’.

You can expect Temple to recover as the season progresses. It is difficult to create a culture that promotes good values across the whole system. Since they already have a good culture, you should expect the Owls to bounce back and take charge in their games.

The team dynamic is much better compared to previous years. They are much more fun to watch because Temple wants to continue this approach. If they can keep this up, they will be one of the best examples of team culture in collegiate volleyball.

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Words: Cholo Martin

Image: PA