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Texas remains the best team in collegiate volleyball
Oct 28, 2021, 3:55:00 AM

Texas remains the best team in collegiate volleyball

The Texas Longhorns were the best team heading into the 2021 season and they have lived up to the hype. They are still unbeaten and ranked number one in the country. Let’s talk about how the Longhorns continue to be the best team in collegiate volleyball.

The Longhorns are sporting a 15-0 record which is living up to the fans’ expectations. Despite their stellar start, they are not the only unbeaten team in college because Louisville is hot on their heels with a similar unblemished tally.

Despite not losing a match, Texas has some issues they need to iron out. The glaring issue that they want to fix is their tendency to lose concentration. That is a big factor in some matches because it might prove to be their downfall. In the meantime, they’re still working on their issues since they need to keep their record clean. If they lose their focus, they might fall off from their perch and concede the top spot to Louisville.

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Logan Eggleston’s superstar power

Texas has been successful this season largely due to their superstar player, Logan Eggleston. The All-American outside hitter has been stellar for the Longhorns. She has not only been an amazing hitter but you can also rely on her to play intense defence. That kind of production is a sign of a top fighter but she has that special aura around her that makes her a star.

Despite their clean record, Logan still wants to highlight some of the issues that might be an issue in the future. She said, ‘There's always some games where we get ahead and then we kind of get a little bit loose. I think that's one of the biggest things we're working on, just trying to stay engaged the entire game’.

With her skillset, Texas has their ace player. However, the rest of the team have a strong supporting cast for their superstar. They maximize her talents to the fullest because they know her stardom will need some pieces around her. Logan is just one player which is why Texas went all-in to support her.

They do not underestimate all of their opponents

Texas is a gifted team but they always have the right mindset while playing. They do not want to be complacent since they know that there is a huge target on their backs. If the Longhorns want to win the title this season, they need to be aware of their favourite status. They might lose in an upset if they become complacent.

They treat their opponents with respect while playing against the weaker teams. Texas has proven that they are a top team and they should prove it against any team. Head coach Jerrit Elliot wants to encourage the team to stay focused no matter what happens. It will be better if Texas will remain strong for the rest of the season.

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Words: Cholo Martin

Image: PA