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The ins and outs of betting on volleyball games
Jul 23, 2021, 4:50:00 AM

The ins and outs of betting on volleyball games

Volleyball has gone under the radar as a popular sport to bet on over the past few years. It has shown solid growth in the sports betting world as of late. With that, let’s dive into some tips and tricks you can use for your betting moves in the sport.

People tend to overlook how popular volleyball is around the world. It is not as popular as the likes of football or basketball but it has a large fan base. With the number of people interested in the sport, it should not be far-fetched that people are also looking for the sports betting aspect. 

Watching any sport is enhanced by betting because the viewing experience has stakes that were not there before. Excitement is hard to replicate but with the presence of betting for sports fans, you can see why it has become a big part of the sport. This is because people love to watch while their money is also on the line.

Bet on future volleyball games

How do you bet on volleyball?

In the online space, you can go to certain sports betting sites where you can wager money to earn rewards. Since you’re on already, you might have an interest in the betting scene. You should be aware that there is a section for volleyball betting here. You can expect people to bet on the sport not only with the results but with future leagues as well. 

With the bets that you can see online, you will have no issue with learning how to bet on the sport. You are given a variety of bets to choose from which is helpful. You might not be aware of some aspects of the betting world which you can learn by keeping yourself involved with the moves you can make and by looking into everything before finalizing a decision.

People sometimes go with their gut feeling with bets but they should be aware that they can be made with proper research and knowledge of the sport. If you’re interested in betting on volleyball, you should have some info about the sport and league/s that you’re trying to bet on. You have so many online resources which you can use to boost your chances of winning the bets.

Check out the outright volleyball odds

What does +7 mean in betting?

In sports betting, odds play a big part in how the scene works. This dictates a lot of people’s decision making which is sometimes good but that should not be the only metric that people should look at. These odds are based on previous results, matchups, injuries, and some other factors. 

The +7 usually stands for the points lead that bookmakers are predicting a certain team will have at the end of the game. There are also moneyline odds that come up when people ask questions like ‘What does +175 mean in betting?’, which is mostly rooted in how much money can be won with a certain bet. This indicates how much of a profit one can make when betting on the underdog.

These odds will help you as a tool that can be a basis for people’s bets. However, you should not use it as the only tool in your arsenal because bettors need to research the reasons behind the bet. You need to ensure that you can keep winning your bets by doing the proper due diligence that is needed with this kind of activity.

Winning bets will take a combo of looking at the odds and checking why those numbers are skewed in a certain direction. If people are just sure with the odds, there will be a lot more losers in betting but people do the research and find out what led people to make the winning bet.

Make inplay bets on volleyball games

Where can I bet on college volleyball?

Apart from the popular bets that you can make in the pro leagues, college volleyball is also a huge market for the sport. The United States’ NCAA is typically the league that people bet on because it has a large platform and it has reasonable coverage to help people’s bets and not just relying on the odds.

College volleyball is sometimes hard to predict because of the number of teams around the country but you can expect them to trim it down as the season goes on. If you can look at how their season plays out, you will see the best teams keeping up their form for the entire year. Some teams can pull off upsets but you can predict that if you continue to watch the games.

It is sometimes difficult but it's not impossible to win with the number of games that you can research with college volleyball.

Read up on volleyball news

How do you secure winning bets?

While there is no assurance that you will win your bets because anything can happen during the games, you can maximize your chances of winning. Watching the games is a big deal with volleyball because you will find some trends that you can follow which can influence your decisions. 

You can look at the rosters of any volleyball team and you can see their stats and records. If you can look at that properly, you won’t have to worry much about the betting aspect. The knowledge that you will get will be big when you decide to finalize bets.

Volleyball is also dependent on the health of its stars. Since the sport is reliant on players performing at the highest level, it will be bad to bet on the teams that have stars on the sidelines. Make sure you’re aware of the roster situation because injuries and trades are also big parts of the pro leagues.

In terms of college volleyball, there are also some school transfers that you have to think about. On the other hand, beach volleyball also deals with team changes because some duos decide to step away from each other and play with new partners who can change their careers. With all of this in mind, you can be prepared for your volleyball betting.

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Words: Cholo Martin

Image: PA