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Varenhorst and Van de Velde is hopeful about their Olympics run
Jun 1, 2021, 6:15:00 AM

Varenhorst and Van de Velde is hopeful about their Olympics run

With their recent top-four finish in Sochi, Christiaan Varenhorst and Steven van de Velde are the duo who can make a run for the Olympics later this year. They are below the line in the latest Olympic rankings but are hopeful in their performance.

The duo from the Netherlands was weak earlier in the Tour but they have bounced back to the point where they can compete at the top tier of the FIVB Beach Volleyball World Tour. After they beat the American duo, Tri Bourne and Trevor Crabb, Varenhorst talked to the media. 

‘I think we have a good programme, making nice steps every week and every practice’, Varenhorst said. ‘This is a reward for the hard work we keep putting in at practice. Everything is, of course, still possible’.

‘We know we are quite a few points down and we know that if we want to make it through the ranking we need two good results’, he continued. ‘So this is a nice step in that direction, but for us it’s mainly about getting the level in, because there are also the Continental Cup finals in the Netherlands’.

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In 2019, Van de Velde had a solid peak. He wants to regain that form so they can compete at the Olympic level. It is interesting given that the Dutch duo is resilient enough to keep up with prolific teams. 

They had a comeback against Poland in Sochi which captures the essence of their strong performances. That kind of run is important for a duo who is on the rise like Varenhorst and Van de Velde. 

Steven talked about how this helps their possible run in the Games. 

‘We’re a resilient team and it also showed at the last tournament in Cancun’, he said. ‘But as you can see, we played a really solid game right now. We didn’t mess about and it was a good performance’.

It is fun to keep up with the rest of the Tour as they are strong enough to perform at the top tier. If the Dutch duo can perform at the top level, they can match other countries’ runs at the Games.

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Words: Cholo Martin

Image: PA