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Who is French volleyball superstar Earvin N’Gapeth?
Dec 10, 2021, 5:03:00 AM

Who is French volleyball superstar Earvin N’Gapeth?

Earvin N’Gapeth is one of the best volleyball players in the world. He has all of the tools to compete at the highest level of volleyball and he still stands out. Let’s talk about how he has continued to prove why he’s seen as the sport’s premier star.

In France, most people would know their elite footballers because they are always the most prominent sportsmen in the country. Players like Paul Pogba and Kylian Mbappé are constantly making headlines which have led to other athletes from different sports staying in the background. There is one outlier and that is volleyball’s N’Gapeth.

The second-generation volleyball star is one of the most popular athletes in France and he’s doing it from a lesser-known sport like volleyball. It helps that he was the son of former national team star Éric N’Gapeth which helped him grow in the spotlight. Now, he has even exceeded his father’s expectations because Earvin is the best volleyball player in France.

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N’Gapeth has constantly been one of the world’s best players

When it comes to pure athleticism, N’Gapeth is one of the best in the world. He has an extremely-high vertical leap which he maximizes when he spikes the ball. You can always rely on him to reach the ball no matter where it is because of his athleticism.

To add to his jumping power, you can always expect N’Gapeth to have one of the strongest spikes in the world. He has the powerful arm that sends the ball into the right places with authority. He loves to hit the ball with force to get concrete points. He also uses those long arms to help with the blocking at the net.

An issue that always stands out for pure athletes is their reliance on their bodies. They are erratic when they let their athleticism take over but N’Gapeth is always under control. That is difficult to do because he has to train meticulously to avoid that problem. The main reason why he’s always in control is the foundation that he laid out for himself.

While most people would credit N’Gapeth’s father for his foundation, he worked hard to separate himself from the shadow of his dad. The younger N’Gapeth trained to the point where he became one of the best athletes in the world. It also helps that he is also naturally talented which made his rise to stardom easier.

N’Gapeth has always been a star in France but he has even become a popular commodity on the internet. If you look for volleyball highlights, he will likely pop up because he always puts on a show every time he hits the ball. You can even see a certain highlight where he twists in the air to do a really difficult backhand spike.

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N’Gapeth is a well-rounded player

If you’re only watching those highlight reels, you might think of N’Gapeth’s offensive arsenal alone. That does not mean that he’s only an offensive star because N’Gapeth is also a star on the defensive side of the game. At six-foot-four, most people would think that he’s not willing to dig deep and help on defence but he does that regularly.

His well-rounded skill set is hard to match and that is why he’s seen as one of the best players in the world. He also does well with blocking which is another underrated aspect of his game. His defence is arguably the best part of his game but most fans and pundits would gravitate towards the offence.

If you’re looking for the prime example of a top volleyball star, look no further than N’Gapeth. He has all of the makings of a superstar. He is always the focal point of his team’s system as plays are made for him to execute. It is difficult to balance that kind of role because he’s not only a star player but he can also serve as a leader for the team.

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N’Gapeth has embraced a leadership role

N’Gapeth is a reliable veteran who can lead the team both vocally and by example. He has played club volleyball around the world which is why he knows how to take charge. He is comfortable in any situation even if it's hard for most players. His voice matters in the locker room which has led to so many accolades over the years.

His trophy cabinet is filled to the brim with silverware but the biggest one is how he helped the French national team win the gold medal at the 2021 Summer Games in Tokyo. In terms of individual awards, he has multiple MVP trophies for both club and country.

With his résumé, N’Gapeth is legitimized in the eyes of other players. He commands respect as he always puts on a show for both the fans and his teammates. You can expect greatness when N’Gapeth sets his feet on the court because he loves to play an increased role that can decide the result of any game.

As long as a team has N’Gapeth on the floor, you should expect him to make a significant impact. He has a unique sense of urgency that also inspires the rest of the team to perform to his standard.

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N’Gapeth has separated himself from the pack

The volleyball world is filled with talented players. Despite other players’ best efforts, it is hard to take away from N’Gapeth’s contributions to the sport. He is considered by the majority of the scene as the best player in the world and it’s hard to detract from that.

It is difficult to reach the pinnacle of any sport but N’Gapeth proved that with hard work and dedication, anyone can reach the highest level. If you’re wondering who N’Gapeth is, you should know that he’s volleyball’s best superstar who has helped popularize the sport in the modern era.

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Words: Cholo Martin

Image: PA