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Why Barnes is set to shine for Team USA
Nov 26, 2021, 3:52:00 AM

Why Barnes is set to shine for Team USA

Carson Barnes is one of the best young stars picked by Team USA to play in their U21 team. He is doing well when it comes to winning games for his high school team and Team USA hopes to give him a chance to win in the bigger stages.

Barnes is one of the top talents for the Indian River High School boys’ team. In the last three seasons, he’s been the key to their success as he pushed them to a state title. His brother Michael Barnes and Mitch McGee were witnesses of his success so far.

His success is not just relegated to the volleyball court. He extends his talent to the soccer team’s DIAA Division II state championship team in the 2020 campaign. So far, Team USA is glad to have him on board for their big run in the 2021 season.

Barnes is a winner, and that has been seen in his games on the beach and court. He even teamed up with Ayden Keeter to win a lot of tourneys. Those wins led him to become one of the big talents that were picked by Team USA to win in their games.

The duo has been winning on the beach, and they even played in the AVP Beach Volleyball Junior East Coast Championships in Clearwater, Florida.

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A bigger shot means more success

Barnes and Keeter have both earned their ticket to Team USA’s U21 squad. They are set to play in Thailand to join the Federation of International Volleyball’s World Championships.

For Barnes, this is all about getting a chance to shine in the bigger stages. He is one of the best young talents and that would make him exciting to watch on the international stage.

‘I’m very excited, because it means I get to represent my country, while doing something I love’, Barnes said. ‘I’m also excited to play against the best U21 players in the world. I don’t have any expectations — just to play my best and have fun with my partner, Ayden Keeter’.

The journey of the duo started six months ago when they played in the USAV 18 National Championship tournament. Their game led to the big shot when they tried at the U21 USA Trials to see where they stacked up against some of the best players in the country.

The duo played well, and they also showed their teamwork and ability to help one another in switching their plays when needed. They stepped up to the challenges of each tourney and won multiple titles along the way.

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Barnes is ready to step up

Barnes’ efforts have been seen as a huge win for Team USA. The team has been trying to push for some top stars and with some players backing out of the U21 level, Barnes is sure to step up at this point.

The star has worked hard to get his chance in the game. There are a lot of players who want to get a chance at winning games for Team USA, and Barnes is lucky to get this shot with the team.

‘I’ve been preparing by playing volleyball’, Barnes said. ‘I’ve played in California, Tennessee, Annapolis (Md.), Florida and locally’.

Based on his games in the season, Barnes can show his worth and prove that he is the star that Team USA wants for their roster in the coming years.

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Words: Paul Daniel Flores

Image: PA