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Why Jordan Larson is the world's most prolific volleyball player
Dec 7, 2021, 4:46:00 AM

Why Jordan Larson is the world's most prolific volleyball player

Volleyball is not on the same level of popularity as football or basketball but it is one of the biggest sports in the world. American volleyball stalwart Jordan Larson is the sport’s most prolific player. Let’s talk about why Larson is considered the sport’s biggest athlete.

Over the years, Larson is always one of the biggest stars in volleyball. Ever since she was younger, Larson has been a natural athlete all her life. From her small town in Fremont, Nebraska, Jordan tried so many sports during her youth. When she found out about volleyball, Larson immediately fell in love with the sport because it felt more natural to her.

As a kid from a small town, Larson broke through the national scene by performing at a high level. She played numerous positions as she shone for both her high school and college teams. In 2006, she managed to lead the University of Nebraska to a national title as a sophomore.

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Larson is a consistent star

During her time as an amateur player, Larson was a highly-touted prospect. When she was in high school, she became a top prospect because she continuously proved that she has the skill set to succeed at the highest level. She always sets high standards for herself because she can score an absurd amount of points every season.

She drew national attention because she played for the USA’s junior system. That matters because everyone knew that she was already awesome when she was still younger. As of late 2021, Larson is in her mid-30s and she is still as talented as her teenage years.

The key to her success has always been her willingness to keep working hard on her game. When she started, Larson already had a diverse foundation because of the multiple positions she played. This would become synonymous with Larson as her career progressed because she improved to the point that she can play any role on the court.

You can rely on her to score the points as an elite attacker should. Larson is also an awesome defensive player because she not only blocks shots at the net but you can also rely on her to receive and dig for the ball. When you realize that she’s six-foot-three, you can see that she has worked hard on her skill set because it is difficult to dive and jump consistently with such a lanky frame.

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Larson is not only an offensive star

Larson is one of the most reliable receivers in the volleyball world. She is doing it with her lanky frame and she’s juggling it with her spiker responsibilities. This kind of reliability is hard to replicate in volleyball because some players are used to playing their roles. It is not bad to just play the defined role but playing beyond those roles makes a team so much better.

A well-rounded player like Larson is key to any team’s success. It’s not a surprise that Larson’s teams are successful because she is a key cog in their systems. The latest Summer Games in Tokyo is probably her biggest achievement because Larson was vital to their gold medal win. She used her scoring abilities to secure the gold medal but her other attributes were also on display during the event.

Larson’s offensive and defensive skill sets are both diverse which makes her a great player. This can all be traced back to her foundation in Nebraska which she credits for making her one of the best volleyball stars in the country.

She said, ‘I learned how to be a professional. I learned what my body needs to perform at the highest level, making sacrifices, and staying away from social activities. I really honed in on my skills and how I can use them to my advantage. I don’t jump the highest but I can outwork people. I can use my brain to play smart. I think those things have continually set me apart over time. I had to learn discipline and continue to execute at a high level’.

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Larson is an American legend

While the USA is more known for other sports, volleyball is on the rise. This can be credited to Larson’s impact on the system because the 2010s was the decade that the sport took off for a large chunk of the USA’s population.

Since Larson is arguably the biggest name in the sport, she has left a lasting mark on the youth. Volleyball has grown over the years and youngsters have always said that Larson is their biggest influence. There is a chance that those youngsters can still play with and against Larson which further proves that she’s a strong legend of the American volleyball scene.

The 2020 Summer Games is a testament to how the USA is growing their volleyball scene. If they continue to grow, you can expect Larson to be at the forefront of helping the scene grow beyond its current state. She is already a legend for her contributions to the national team but the fact that she’s influencing younger players to play volleyball might leave a bigger mark on the scene.

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Larson deserves the spotlight

For most newcomers to volleyball, Larson should serve as the barometer for success. She established herself as a top player from a grassroots program. She has worked hard to reach the highest level of professional volleyball and she’s not done yet.

You can always count on Larson to perform at the highest level. That hard work and dedication is the foundation of his career and he will not give up until she succeeds. She has a packed trophy cabinet that has come through sheer hard work and determination.

If you’ve ever doubted Larson’s abilities, you are wrong because she deserves the spotlight and the title of being the world’s most prolific volleyball star.

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Words: Cholo Martin

Image: PA