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Why Thole’s career has a huge impact in volleyball
Nov 1, 2021, 6:09:00 AM

Why Thole’s career has a huge impact in volleyball

Julius Thole clarified that he is closing his playing career for good. The German pro beach volleyball star is now putting all of his focus and efforts into his law studies. This is the start of a new chapter for Thole and it is a huge twist that will change Germany’s chances.

Most players in their 20's are usually getting ready to launch their best games and become elite stars. Some even push their way into the Games while others are trying to find a way to improve or change the pace in their careers.

The story was different for Thole, who had to let go of his playing career in pursuit of success in his academics. At the age of 24, Thole moves on from the game and leaves behind a short story of success in beach ball.

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Thole is one of the youngest stars to retire

The call to move on from the game was never an easy one for Thole and it took a lot of time for him to decide at the end of it. However, he considered the fact that he may no longer be able to focus on volleyball in the next two or three years, which is why he had to let go of it.

It is better to let go of one rather than to fail in both, and Thole chose to study law instead. He knew that the chance to study is not always there, but his passion for the game will always be. This is why he took the hard way out and let go of the game that he loves the most.

‘I was already studying during my career, which I certainly did well in the circumstances’, the star said. ‘But I have now reached a phase, shortly before the state examination, in which my academic studies will no longer be compatible with my commitment to the sport’.

Thole has built a lot of success with Germany

In 2014, Thole earned the continental title at the CEV U18 championship. He followed that up with a bronze medal in 2017 at the CEV Austrian Masters and it was his first international podium at the senior level.

When he paired with Clemens Wickler in 2018, the star had a bigger success. He showed his worth in the game and the duo took on a lot of wins. They won the 2019 FIVB World Championship and followed it up with a silver medal at the FIVB Beach World Tour Finals in Rome in the same year.

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It changed Wickler’s pace and perspective

The German national federation said that Wickler will now team up with Nils Ehlers. The star has two World Tour silver medals in his record, and Wickler’s experience from his run with Thole should change the way they will play for the rest of their careers.

The decision to retire was a huge change of pace for Wickler as well. That showed the fact that Thole is a great player who wants nothing but the best in the game and Wickler supports his call to move on.

Thole may not be the best star, but he proved that he can shine at any given moment. This is what Thole did in his games and it was one of the best runs for a young star. He has left a huge impact in the German beach ball scene.

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Words: Paul Daniel Flores

Image: PA