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Fishing War: If You Wish for Fish, Prepare for War

Hook, line and sinker? That’s not how fishing is done in the 21st century! In casino slot Fishing War, delve under the ocean’s tumultuous waves with your fishing gunner in tow and take the battleground underwater. With thriving marine life on the seabed, you can collect riches worth up to 888x your wager if you keep shooting your gunner!

Experience a unique type of slot game and addicting gameplay the moment you start shooting for wins in casino slot Fishing War. There’s no reels, grid or rows in this arcade-type slot, only explosive shots and swimming fishes!

Fishing War Details 


Spade Gaming

Game Type

Arcade Slots



Minimum Bet

0.01 credits

Maximum Bet

10 credits


888x your wager

Fishing War: Swift, Silent, Deadly

Become the best angler of them all in casino slot Fishing War’s arcade-style shooting format with an RTP of 97%. Before the battle begins, you can choose the intensity of your marine war by choosing between three game rooms that offer the following bet ranges:

  • Junior: 0.01 to 0.5 credits
  • Expert: 0.1 - 5 credits
  • Godlike: 1 - 10 credits.

These levels take you to different parts of the ocean floor, with different species and payouts of fishes. Each game room can accommodate up to 4 players simultaneously. Win this underwater war by shooting bigger sea creatures than your opponents! 

Marine Paytable

Low-Paying Symbol

A diverse ecosystem of small fishes thrive on your screen and appear as low-paying symbols. Each set of symbols rewards the following payouts at maximum bet:


Set of 3

Flying Fish

2x your wager


3x your wager

Blue and yellow fish

4x your wager


5x your wager


6x your wager


7x your wager


8x your wager


9x your wager


10x your wager


11x your wager

Angler fish

12x your wager


13x your wager


15x your wager


18x your wager

High-Paying Symbol

The bigger the fish, the bigger the payouts! Capture bigger sea creatures whenever they swim on your screen as high-paying symbols. Each set of symbols rewards the following payouts at maximum bet:


Set of 3


20x your wager


20x - 30x your wager

Golden Shark

25x - 45x your wager

Hammerhead Shark

30x - 50x your wager

Golden Hammerhead Shark

40x - 60x your wager

King Crab

50x - 200x your wager

Jade Toad

50x - 400x your wager

Bonus Features

While marine life prospers on the ocean floor, so does the variety of bonus features that casino slot Fishing War has to offer! Activate these features for a dynamic fishing experience unlike any other:



Dragon King

Shoot at the Dragon King to be rewarded with 10x up to 300x your wager.


Upgrade your gunner with a rapid-fire cannon that can fire up to 30-100 bullets. 

Thunder Hammer

Electrify the seabed for instant fish wins worth 30x to 100x your wager during this feature. The Thunder Hammer randomly activates and rewards all coins from the stricken fishes.

Azure Stone

Shoot down the mystical Azure Stone to be rewarded with 10x your wager. When this feature activates, the ocean freezes all fishes for 10 seconds. 

Wealth Packet

This feature randomly activates and rewards you with options of red packets. Choose one to reveal cash rewards or multipliers up to 200x your wager. 

Dragon Wheel

Fire at the Dragon Wheel and spin to receive a random multiplier up to 300x your wager.

Awakening Dragon

Catch the Gold Dragon and transform the sea bed into an explosion zone! With shooting made easier during this feature, you receive 100x to 488x your wager.

The Monkey King

Anger the Monkey King when he arrives and he will turn the seabed into an explosion zone, similar to the Awakening Dragon feature. You can receive 100x up to 688x your wager.

Pirate Ghost Ship

Takedown the monster ship to pillage sunken treasures and gold! You can team-up with other players in the room to take down this pirate ship. This feature can reward you with prizes worth 100x up to 888x your wager.

Fishing War: An Underwater Battleground

Dive into crystal clear waters and discover what riches await you on the ocean floor in casino slot Fishing War! Marvel at the changing landscape of coral reefs, shipwrecks and underwater volcanoes, where a diverse ecosystem of marine life thrives.

Spadegaming brings the ocean to your screens with interactive 3D animations and oriental-themed graphics. Partnered with explosive sound effects, this arcade-type slot game will captivate your senses and take you on an unforgettable fishing adventure!

Fishing War: Come and Take Them Fishies!

Get the chance to witness a whirlpool of wins worth up to 888x your bet with every shot of your gunner in casino slot Fishing Way. Pray to the Fishing God and to your Great Stars before shooting and witness bonus features aid you towards bigger wins. 

The treasures you can collect all come down to your shooting skills, so prove you’re the best fisher out there and conquer the ocean with explosions!

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Fishing War

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