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Wildcraft: Dungeons and Jackpots

Head into the mystifying realm of Kalamba Games’ casino slot Wildcraft where your epic tale is ready to unfold. Join your party of powerful sorcerers, rogues, and bruisers as you conquer the untamed lands on a journey that bards will sing of for aeons to come. 

Incredible power comes with even greater possibilities. As you go on quests and travel to distant lands, widespread dungeons and dragons will test your mettle and push your skill (tree) to where they’ve never gone before. In a time of fantasy, you forge your own stories and control your own destiny. 

Etch your name in the hall of heroes and have songs of your name echo in fables and melodies for generations. A chance to win up to m₿ 6,000 awaits you at the end of your adventure, so get into character and prepare for action!

Wildcraft Details 


Kalamba Games

Game Type

Video Slots







Minimum Bet

m₿ 0.06

Maximum Bet

m₿ 6


m₿ 6,000

Wildcraft: A Flight of Fantasy

Kalamba Games’ casino slot Wildcraft is a 5-reel slot game with 60 paylines that takes you on a journey into a world of fantasy and sorcery.

The basic symbols are various magic potions. Each symbol has a payout for every winning combination based on the maximum bet:


Set of 3

Set of 4

Set of 5


Orange/Red/Yellow Potions

m₿ 0.5

m₿ 1.5

m₿ 5

The high-paying symbols are the various characters and Wild Tome symbol. Each symbol has a payout for every winning combination based on the maximum bet:


Set of 3

Set of 4

Set of 5

Snake Enchantress, Archer

m₿ 1.5

m₿ 5

m₿ 10

Orc, Wizard

m₿ 2.5

m₿ 7.5

m₿ 12.5

Wild Tome

m₿ 5

m₿ 12.5

m₿ 50

The casino slot Wildcraft has 3 Wild symbols that substitute all paying symbols except for Bonus symbol, Extra Spins symbol, and the Wild Collection symbol. The 3 Wild symbols are Wild Column, Wild Tome symbol, and Wild Collection symbol.

Wildcraft Wild Column Feature

Whenever the Wild Collection symbol lands on a reel, it adds 1 Wild Collection icon to the reel. When 3 Wild Collection icons are accumulated on a reel, the Wild Column is activated for that reel. The Wild Column causes all symbols that appear on the reel to act as Wild symbols regardless of what they are. The Wild Column remains until no Wild Collection icons are left.

Wildcraft Missions Feature

The casino slot Wildcraft has a Missions feature that can reward you up to 1,000x your wager. You can be rewarded when a specified number of Wild symbols land within a designated number of spins.

Wildcraft Free Spins

The casino slot Wildcraft has a Free Spins mode that allows you to spin the reels for free. The Free Spins mode is activated when at least 3 Bonus symbols land on the reels. When at least 3 Bonus symbols land on the reels, you are also automatically rewarded with 3x your wager. The Bonus symbol is represented by two keys on a red crest.

The Free Spins mode has a special Extra Spins symbol that rewards you with an additional Free Spins. The Extra Spins symbol is a blue button displaying a +1. The Wild Collection feature can also be activated during the Free Spins mode and remains active for the duration of the Free Spins.

Wildcraft: Perception Level 100

The casino slot Wildcraft sets you in a magical woodland where twisting trees and lush grass give the enchanting atmosphere a mystifying emerald glow. The slot is set on an abandoned, wooden quest board with carved-out corners and torn, royal purple banners hanging on its sides. The artwork is exquisite and finely-detailed, making sure that every pixel is sleek and perfectly-placed. With high-definition graphics, it’s difficult to believe Wildcraft is a slot game. Its epic soundtrack only serves as the finishing touch to a perfect slot. A game like this is no fantasy especially when Kalamba Games is involved.

Wildcraft: The Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction

As the dawn of conclusion draws near, your epic tale shall conclude with a magnificent ending worthy of the chosen one. You’ve already got the party set and geared up with legendary loot. There’s a chance to win a jackpot up to m₿ 6,000 in Kalamba Games’ casino slot Wildcraft and you won’t even have to grind for it! With loyalty, power, and perseverance, the power of friendship and magic can power through any foe. 

Afterwards, you can play through the extra content without needing any DLC! Prepare for the Age of Dragons where the holy Gates of Babylon only opens for level 100 adventurers, so get to it!

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