Feel the beat with Sportsbet’s new ambassador Tekno Miles

Tekno Miles, a Nigerian hip hop and R&B performer, is one of the country's most recognised musicians. It's safe to say that he's a music business legend with his incredible work and opulent wardrobe.

He had a significant effect on the music business with his lyrics and musical choices that inspired a large number of listeners. It's more intriguing to learn how he initially became interested in music.

In light of Sportsbet’s partnership with this sensational musician, it's time to discover more about this artist's musical history and why you should start listening to his songs. Get to know your favourite artist and why he loves Sportsbet to the point of becoming a brand ambassador. 

Early career: How did he discover his love for music?

Miles’ love for music began at a young age. He would spend hours a day practising his guitar and keyboard skills. Miles pursued a career in the music industry because of this enthusiasm. K-Money entertainment eventually offered him a deal that substantially aided his career as an artist.

The studio believed that he would one day become a household name. As a result, he released Holiday in 2012 as his debut single. His song Onye Ne Kwu was also played on a tour in Abuja in the same year. Moreover, Ubi Franklin, the manager of Made Men Music Group, got him to sign a recording deal in 2013.

As instructed, Tekno Miles relocated from Abuja to Lagos to advance his profession in music. In a short span, he released songs like Anything and Dance, earning him a nomination for the 2014 Nigeria Entertainment Awards in the category of Best New Act of The Year.

Rise to stardom

Miles released Duro in 2015 which catapulted him to new heights in his career. On top of that, it is on the 5th spot on Capital XTRA's Afrobeats Chart: Top 10.

Massive radio and television airing helped him gain a large following. His popularity extended beyond Nigeria including the United States.

Duro's YouTube video has received over 84 million views, making him a household name in both Nigeria and the rest of the world. In 2015, Phyno and Flavour collaborated on a remix of Duro's song, which was the first time the song has been covered.

Towards the end of the year, he released a new song titled Wash, produced by DJ Coublon, a prolific songwriter of hit tunes. Tekno Miles had an impressive discography, but he was not nominated for any significant international prizes since he lacked a full album, a requirement for consideration.

He continued to inspire people with his songs, leading him to release his long-awaited album Old Romance in 2020. Among the album's 13 tracks are Uptown Girl, Addicted, Sku Sku, and Designer.

His one album, Old Romance, is still available today, but more are on the way as he continues to rule the music industry.

Sportsbet partnership 

Nigerian Afropop musician and Sportsbet global ambassador Tekno Miles is making waves in West Africa thanks to their partnership. Sportsbet is one of the most popular sports betting sites in the world that allows users to use a variety of cryptocurrencies to make bets.

‘I knew Sportsbet.io was a great match because, like me, these guys are not afraid to challenge the status quo. They are at the forefront of the crypto revolution, and I’m really excited to be by their side as a global ambassador’, Tekno stated when asked about the partnership.

Tekno and Sportsbet will work together to provide gamers with the opportunity to win incredible prizes, such as executive box seats at a Premier League game.

Why Tekno Miles believes in Sportsbet

There are a lot of great reasons why Tekno Miles believes in one of the best crypto sports betting sites, Sportsbet, and why it is beginning to look like it’s going to surge in the following years. 

Here are Sportsbet’s greatest features that made Tekno partner with the crypto sports betting site.

User-friendly interface 

One of the most overlooked aspects of Sportsbet is the fact that the site is easy to use and navigate. All the sports and casino games are aligned perfectly. 

Abundance of sports to choose from 

Sportsbet has almost all the sports that are available for betting. Whether it be basketball, football, or even cricket, you have a sport to choose from, and it can even be your own favourite sport as well. 

Fun casino games 

Do you enjoy slots and table games? Then Sportsbet is the place for you to do both these and sports betting. Sportsbet understands that punters want variety. This is why there are a lot of casino games available to keep punters and casino bettors entertained! 

Other notable partnerships 

Aside from the talented Tekno Miles, Sportsbet also partnered with famous stars and franchises that believe in the crypto sports betting site’s vision. Some of Sportsbet’s partners are:

Arsenal FC

If you're a fan of football, you've probably heard of this storied Premier League team that has dominated every season since 1903. Sportsbet has some of the best players in the world at our disposal at Arsenal. Since the start of Premier League season 2020/21, the club has been proudly sporting its name on their football uniforms.

São Paulo FC

Brazil's top club, Vasco da Gama, also has an agreement with Sportsbet. São Paulo, one of Sportsbet's most popular teams, is hoping to attract a large number of followers to the site as the team continues to dominate the league.

King Kaka

Sportsbet and Kenyan hip hop artist, King Kaka, forged a relationship in January 2022. King Kaka is also an enthusiast of crypto and sports betting, so he is simply a natural fit! 

A strong supporter of blockchain-based money, King Kaka believes that it will have a good effect on society as a whole. According to him, Sportsbet is the leader in the crypto-betting industry due to its inventive attitude.

Cassper Nyovest 

A Sportsbet global ambassador since June of 2022, Nyovest has delivered fantastic tracks and an entrepreneurial attitude to millions of fans across the world. The success of the album's first single, Siyathandana, prompted him to agree to a two-year contract.

The future of crypto sports betting starts at Sportsbet 

As you can see, crypto is beginning to gain a lot of traction. It's best to start betting with your coins and tokens at Sportsbet as it is one of the most prolific sites in the sports betting scene. 

It’s easy to believe that crypto has a lot of benefits in sports betting, such as: 

Faster transactions

With blockchain technology, crypto transactions are seamless and quick in that they don’t require a long time for your cash to be received from your end the moment you win your bets. 


Blockchain technology is reliable in a way that it will prevent unwanted cyber attacks from occurring. This means that you don’t need to worry about having online threats like hackers getting into your accounts and stealing your coins. 


What’s amazing about crypto is the fact that blockchain technology encrypts any transaction that makes any user who wagers on Sportsbet to be anonymous and completely safe when placing bets. 

This means that if you don’t want others to know your activity online when sports betting, then you are pretty much safe from that and you don’t need any special technology to make your activities discreet.  

Join Tekno Miles and bet at Sportsbet! 

Having one of the best sports betting sites ready to give you a wonderful time during your sports betting journey is something that you should always experience. With Sportsbet, you’ll have the opportunity to bet using crypto and win high prizes if you play your wagers right. 

You have all the sports at your fingertips, and with Tekno Miles behind the brand, you’ll know that you will have the highest quality time when visiting Sportsbet! 

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