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Waiting for a chance to rack up wins in sports betting? Sportsbet.io has you covered, and we are bringing you a fun, fast, and fair betting experience like no other. When it comes to sports, Sportsbet.io is always on the fly, and we are here to help you make the most of your winning chances. 

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Enjoy Bitcoin sports betting on various sporting events!

Sportsbet.io is home to some of the best sports that you can bet on. We cover a lot of different sporting events 24/7, and you can be sure that you can enjoy every one of them. The more options you have to bet on, the more winnings you can get at the end of the day!

Here are the top sports you should try in Sportsbet.io:


The world is filled with a lot of great football talents, and you should be able to root for them to win in the biggest leagues and tournaments all around the world. Bet on association football and enjoy the prestige experience of placing wagers in the most popular sport of them all.

Sportsbet.io brings you a plethora of bitcoin betting options in soccer. You can bet on different league matches from the following leagues:

On top of that, Sportsbet.io also has partnerships with the top clubs in Europe and Brazil, which means more attention diverted to these markets.


Sportsbet.io covers a wide array of basketball leagues and events such as the:

Take your game to the next level by betting on basketball games with crypto here at Sportsbet.io! Place your wagers as you watch four intense quarters of action in the game. Try to notch the best wins with each wager as you root for your favourite teams and players!


If you want to enjoy betting on the intense tennis matches on the tennis court, Sportsbet.io has you covered! Bet on your favourite players as they take on the challenge in winning against the best of the best for the ultimate glory in the sport. Tennis is one of the global sports that has been around for years, and it is definitely one of the top picks to bet on as well.

Sportsbet.io covers the best tennis tournaments that you would love to watch. Place your tennis bets hot as you volley big wagers on the top events such as the following:


Swing your wagers across the field as you bet on the hottest baseball games from various leagues! Sportsbet.io is sure to bring you the next-level experience of betting on baseball games. Enjoy the hype and sweep your way for a higher chance of winning in your wagers.

Bat on your favourite team in leagues such as the:

Hit the home run with your wagers and get a chance to land big winnings!


Sportsbet.io esports brings you a new experience as you can also wager your way into a wide array of cybersports tournaments that run around the clock, which you can enjoy anywhere in the world. You can surely find the hype that makes esports one of the best sports you can bet on all the time!

Bet on the biggest tournaments on different esport titles such as: 

American Football

Sportsbet.io also covers the best events in American Football. We have odds for XFL and NFL waiting just for you, so huddle up and try the best markets on the site so you can enjoy a world-class experience when you bet with us!

Place your wagers on the exciting football matches that will surely rock your world! If you are waiting for your winning chance in football bets, Sportsbet.io is here to help you enjoy your time in each match all the way to the prestigious Super Bowl.


Sportsbet.io has a lot of cricket matches for you to bet on! Place your wagers on your favourite squads and enjoy the thrill of betting on tight battles between the hottest rivals in the sport. Try to rack up winnings while your favourite star tallies more wickets to his stats!

Horse Racing

Are you ready to gallop across the field? Sportsbet.io brings you a great experience in betting on horse racing events! Place your wagers on the top horses that you think have a chance to outrun the others and prove their worth on the field.

Sportsbet.io covers the following major horse racing events:

  • Grand National

  • Melbourne Cup

  • Kentucky Derby

  • The Preakness Stakes 

  • Belmont Stakes

  • Prix de l'Arc de Triomphe

  • Pegasus World Cup

  • Dubai World Cup 

Claim more wins with popular betting types in Sportsbet.io

Betting on different sports is made easy for you here at Sportsbet.io, and we have it all for you with our different betting types that you would surely love to enjoy. We want you to have a huge shot at finding your way around the games for a winning wager.

Here are the three betting types that you can enjoy at Sportsbet.io:

In-play betting

Bet live and make the most of our competitive odds! Put your trust in your favourite team or player to bring a masterful performance in their games and watch it live and on demand!

Watching the live games should help you make more winning wagers since you can find out which team has a better shot at finishing with a win. The best charm about in-play betting is that you can adjust your plan according to the swing of the ever-changing odds.

Outright betting

Sportsbet.io allows you to place your bets before the season or game begins if you really have a lot of faith in your team or player. No other wagers on this type will be allowed as soon as the game or season starts.

Betting on outright markets comes in different ways. You can bet on BBB or a team to win the league for instance or finish with the best record. You may also place wagers on a team to win the championship in the playoffs or your favourite player to win an individual award by the end of the season.

Future betting

You can bet without much hassle here at Sportsbet.io, and future betting is the way for you to save a lot of time if you want to plan ahead for your betting session.

This is what makes betting easy. You don’t need to wait for the game to start. All you need to do is to just come up with the different wagers that you like and bet on them right away. No time is wasted on this one, so you can be sure that you would always want to bet on future games.

Make the most of the different betting markets at Sportsbet.io

Sportsbet.io brings you a delightful experience by making sure you get to try all of the best betting markets that you have been waiting for. Each betting market has its different use and it gives you a much bigger chance at winning than usual. This is why you should know how to make the most of them at all times.

Here are the different betting markets you can try here at Sportsbet.io:

Winner bets

Winner bets work almost the same as outright betting, and all you need to do here is to bet on a team if they are going to win or not. The range of score or how the game is played by teams or players doesn’t matter, but it is more of plainly winning.

This is where the betting odds really come in handy because that is one way to tell if a team actually has a chance of winning. This means that it should play a huge role in your consideration for wagers.

Handicap bets

For a much more exciting betting experience, you may opt to go for handicap bets since there are a lot of times when underdogs actually pull off a stunning win at the end of games. Intense games are the ones that go down the wire, so handicaps are a good way to make the most of your wagers.

Handicaps are used to stretch your wagers since it levels the betting odds between two teams or players. Once the handicap is set, the underdog may need to win the game more than the set point or the favourites to win the game less than the handicap.


Game totals are one of the best ways to get a win in any sports bet. Making a totals bet means you have to predict how many goals will be scored by two teams or players in a single game. This just means that high scoring teams will surely lead to a bigger number at the end of the match.

There is even a chance that a game may end with no goals being scored. This is common among many games such as football or even ice hockey. Teams are given multiple chances to score on a much closer angle until a winner comes out on top.

1x2 bets

1x2 bets are unique in their own way since you get to choose two of three game results. You simply need to bet if a team or player will either win, lose or draw the game. This is a good way for you to try betting since you get two chances at winning with just one bet.

Prop bets

Prop bets are one of the top picks for most punters at Sportsbet.io. This market works well for any game since different unique markets are generated for every game, which means you can surely enjoy this betting market at any given time.

You may spot different prop bets here at Sportsbet.io, such as ‘first player to get a red card’, ‘50 points at halftime’, or ‘first player to score a goal’ among many others. These prop bets are a much easier way to get easy wins in sports betting.

Why should you try football Bitcoin betting at Sportsbet.io?

Sportsbet.io is one of the best options for you to bet on exciting games such as football with the use of Bitcoin. We offer a platform for all Bitcoin users all over the world, and you can be sure that you can make the most of your Bitcoin betting experience without much hassle. 

Our team continues to work hard to ensure that you get the best competitive odds and interactive betting experience. We want you to fulfil a promising betting journey that you have been looking for. Sportsbet.io is where you can use your Bitcoin for a fun, fast and fair betting like no other!

Enjoy a unique crypto sports betting experience at Sportsbet.io

Betting has never been this easy with Sportsbet.io, and you can be sure that we leave no stone unturned as we provide a top-notch experience in betting with crypto on your favourite sports, be it soccer, e-soccerice hockey or F1. You can buy and get Bitcoins or convert them to other crypto, which is why you can be sure that we make life easy for you when it comes to betting.

With a lot of supported crypto in the site, Sportsbet.io ensures that you can definitely enjoy your betting experience here. This means bigger chances of winning that can bring you a much better time in your betting sessions.

What are you waiting for? If you are itching to get the best odds in crypto sports betting, then Sportsbet.io is the right place for you to shine and get a lot of wins!