What are my account preferences?

It is possible to customize your betting preferences by clicking on your profile and there it appears under Preferences section.


Asian View: You can change the odds view by clicking on the toggle. When toggle is on the left side you have European View selected, if toggle is on the right side you have selected Asian View.

Odds changes: This refers to a change in the offered odds at the time bet is being accepted. Offered odds are getting frequently updated especially for live events, and therefore we allow our customers to choose out of three options:

- Don't accept any odds changes
- Accept any odds changes
- Accept only higher odds

Odds Format: You can choose your preferred odds format.

Language: To change the language settings, click a language in the “Language” drop-down menu.

In addition, receiving bonus marketing emails is also up to your confirmation, as you can see there below. Make sure that it’s ticked, then you do not miss out amazing Sportsbet.io offers!

Theme: You can select either White or Dark theme for Sportsbet.io.


Quick bet: Regular bet placement process goes through two-time confirmation, activating this option eliminates the second one so you can place your bets much faster. (NB! Customers who registered with us from 1st of April will have this option by default).

Accept odds changes before bet placement: It means odds changes don't need any confirmation when the odds have changed after betslip was opened. It allows to place the bet faster.

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