What is Google Authenticator (2FA)?

Google Authenticator is used to provide an additional layer of security to your account. It is a software token that implements a two-step verification process. In order to use Google Authenticator, you will need a smartphone, because the Authenticator is installed as an application. You can also use Google Authenticator when offline.

The method used is a time-based One Time Password algorithm. Simply put, when you open the application, a randomly generated six-digit number sequence, aka the one-time password, is shown. If you have enabled the two-step verification process on your account, you will need to insert the one-time password on top of your regular password every time you log in. The two-step verification process helps users to ensure that their accounts cannot be logged in to with just the username and password, hence it provides the additional security.

Since the safety and security of our players are paramount to us at Sportsbet.io, we strongly recommend using Google Authenticator. This one little extra step could potentially save you a lot of heartache and worry.

If you have enabled Google Authenticator, you will be prompted to complete the 2-step verification each time you log in or make a withdrawal. Also, please print out the QR code or write down the manual code for account recovery - this will go a long way should you ever lose or damage your phone!

Read more about Google Authenticator.

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