Denilson scores big as’s global ambassador

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Becoming a ambassador

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Who is Denilson?

For those who aren’t that familiar with why Denilson is such a great representative for, here are a few things to know more about him:

Playing style

Denilson de Oliveira Araujo, also known as Denilson, is a former professional footballer who was known for playing as a winger or forward. Many sports fans remember him for his remarkable dribbling skills and how he usually beats his opponents with a step-over move he usually uses.

Denilson's career highlights

He wasn’t regarded as the world's most expensive player in 1998 for nothing. This is because he impressively showcased his skills when he played for several renowned football clubs aside from five other countries during his career.

Sao Paulo and Betis

Denilson had his debut with Sao Paulo FC at the age of 17 and won in the 1994 Copa CONMEBOL. In 1998, he broke world records when Real Betis offered a stunning fee of £21.5 million just to have him on their side. Then, he made his La Liga debut that same year where he finished 35 games with two goals.

He then went back to Brazil with Flamengo where he was on loan. However, he went back to Betis to be a part of their attacking unit. He was with the team when they played in the 2004-05 season of the UEFA Champions League.


During the 2005 off-season, Denilson was sold to the French club Bordeaux four years before his contract with Betis had ended. Though he may have played well, his new team failed to meet his wage demands, causing Denilson to transfer to the Al Nassr FC where he only lasted for a few months.

FC Dallas

Denilson joined FC Dallas in 2007 and became the team’s designated player. He had a good start after scoring from the penalty spot in the 36th minute of the game during his first week with the team.

After only scoring one goal at that time, he was then removed from the Dallas Squad with concerns about his involvement as a foreign player.

Career’s latest years

At the end of the 2007 season, FC Dallas decided that they would only re-sign Denilson if he was available at a lower price. Denilson was also signed up by several other teams such as Palmeiras, Bolton Wanderers of the Premier League, Itumbiara, and Kavala (Greece).

International career

Aside from a thriving domestic career, Denilson also had a great international career. This all started when he debuted for Brazil in November 1996 at the age of 19. In 1997, he was selected for the Copa America and the FIFA Confederations Cup. A year later, he became a part of the team’s FIFA World Cup lineup where he appeared in all the matches for that season.

In 2002, Denilson was picked by manager Luiz Felipe Scolari for the 2002 World Cup as a substitute player. He appeared in five matches, including an appearance in the final match against Germany which they won.

Post-retirement life

Denilson officially announced his retirement in 2010 and worked as a sports commentator for Rede Bandeirantes which was a TV station in Brazil.

In March 2022, Denilson made an announcement on his official Twitter account about his official return to football after 12 years. He signed up with Ibis in an attempt to return to the field and help fix the team’s tainted reputation.

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